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Weekend in love at the seaside: our 4 ideas!

Fatigued.e of the cold? It’s high time to take care of yourself. And of his lover! As soon as the beautiful days return, do yourself a favor with a stay for two in Châtelaillon. A soothing nature, 100% relaxing activities and a soft spring sun: discover our 4 ideas for a romantic weekend by the sea.

Curl up on the Great Terrace

🔋 40%

Having a glass on the terrace is good. Having a drink on THE Grande Terrasse is better! Head to the top of the Hôtel MGallery to indulge in a unique moment for two in a cosy and soft setting. A light breeze, the first rays of the season and her lover by her side: or how to start your romantic weekend by the sea well.

The MGallery Hotel is also an opportunity to…

🌸 Sitting on the terrace, protected from the winds, with the most beautiful sea view of the resort. Even if you only have eyes for him/her…

🌸 Browse one-on-one at the Bistrot de l’Hôtel and steal the other’s dessert

🌸 Taste the refined menu of the Gaya restaurant, chef Pierre Gagnaire’s territory. Noble products and exceptional setting: a well-deserved romantic treat after this winter

🌸 Lounging under the sun in the outdoor Jacuzzi of the Nuxe Spa

Want to extend your romantic weekend by the sea?

Find all the MGallery Hotel experiences to enjoy as a duo.

The MGallery Hotel for Two

Awaken your senses

🔋 65%

🌸 Of air, iodine and the horizon in the background: the seafront reserves you the most romantic of the walks in Châtelaillon. 7 km on foot to refresh the body and mind, while enjoying your better half. A parenthesis of simple well-being and light.

Psst… I hear there’s a new walk that’s a must-do in the swamps! It’s a chance to watch the slow waking up of nature and capture some pretty moments. Storks making their nests, otters drifting along the water or shy badgers… Quick, the camera!

A change of scenery

🔋 80%

Heading to La Rochelle just a few minutes away to blend into the daily life of the locals. We grab a few local specialties on the market, before testing a good address typical a few steps away. A gourmet coffee to share, and you’re all set for an intense shopping session in the downtown streets.

A Day in La Rochelle

Playing Robinson Crusoe

🔋 100% (Battery charged)

Is your lover’s weekend by the sea coming to an end? To take advantage of the pleasant lights of spring, we embark together for the Ile de Ré. On the spot, not a cat! Enough to rent two bikes and ride around the island in complete freedom. Who said batteries recharge better in summer?

Discovering the Île de Ré