Our 10 reasons to choose Châtelaillon this fall!

That’s it, the Indian summer has shot its arrow right through our hearts. We fell in love with the season and its relaxing calm, its luminous landscapes and its fresh air that brings out the heavy sweaters. We fell in love with its generous nature, its peaceful walks and its sunsets. Want to share our love story? Discover our 10 reasons to choose Châtelaillon this fall.

# 1

Putting down your suitcases

At the foot of the sea

To make the most of the season, we opt for an extended weekend in a beautiful rental at the gates of the ocean. Something to open the shutters with a smile!

Our favorite 🍂

The Hotel Victoria and its vintage elegance. You set down your luggage in one of thelarge, finely decorated rooms, before settling in at the bar to savor the local sweets. Unless you prefer the comfort of its 1930s armchair, accompanied by a nice book on Châtelaillonnaise architecture?

# 2

With nature

To be one

Fall offers a wiser and quieter Châtelaillon than in summer. The fauna then comes out of its shyness and reserves pretty moments for wrapped up strollers. One breathes deeply into a fresh and golden nature and gently cracks the leaves under one’s feet.

Our shot of 🍂

Thecrossroads of the swamp. As winter approaches, everyone is moving or taking up their new quarters. Look up: you can see swarms ofmigratory birds on their way to warmer lands.

To greet the grey herons

To admire the birds in the marshes of Chatelaillon

# 3

Specialties of the Charente

to pick at

Back home, the half-season remains full of flavors! In the good restaurants or between the stalls of the market, the specialties of Charente quickly make us look at them. If the squash is in the spotlight (melon, pumpkins, pumpkins), the seafood and fish remain the stars of the plates. Scallops, oysters or mussels: a concentrate of iodine.

Our favorite 🍂

The must-have mouclade! We love it with a dot of curry to subtly spice up its flavor.

For epicureans and globe-trotters

Markets in Chatelaillon: our top 5 to fill your basket

# 4

Around the architecture of châtelaillonnaise

Let's investigate

Go through the heritage of the resort with a fine-tooth comb during a new Terra Aventura investigation. Rediscover the downtown area through enigmas and let your little Sherlock Holmes get the end of the story!

Our favorite 🍂

The dazzling street art vault of the church in Chatelaillon. A daring creation signed Amaury Dubois.

To unravel the mystery of beautiful stones

Terra Aventura tour around the architecture of Châtelaillon


The thalasso

to curl up

Winter is (already) coming… To prepare the ground, we allow ourselves an interlude of pure well-being with the thalasso complex of the MGallery Hotel. Bubbles, massages and treatments: bye bye tensions, hello little attentions!

Our favorite 🍂

The dead sea salt and apricot oil scrub. A natural miracle for your skin.


An intense sunset

To be offered

Because a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words…

Our favorite 🍂

Little wool + glass of pineau + sunset = infinite happiness.


Life in the Rockies

The real

The red carpet? Not far away! La Rochelle in autumn is all the charm and attractions of the city, without the summer crowd. Over to you the atmosphere of the old port, the restaurants with character and the terrace cafes. Only one pace: yours!


The Aquarium of La Rochelle

to marvel at

This is THE unavoidable visit to the rebel city. Welcome to the Mediterranean. Or rather in the Caribbean. Finally, in the rainforest. Too late, you are already immersed in a slow ballet of sea turtles… All this, without ever making the tail! (of fish).


Shopping in the boutiques

From the city

Blue cards will heat up Rue du Palais… Play it like a true Rochelais and find the perfect accessory during a shopping session downtown. Not reasonable, but so what?


In the off-season program

There are plenty of reasons to come in the fall
We’ve prepared a great program for you to enjoy Chatelaillon all year round.

As a bonus

Come back the following year!