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My first spring in Chatelaillon

First steps in the water, first rides and first pedal strokes… children grow up with Chatelaillon! Season after season, they collect the little pleasures of the resort and fill up on new sensations. If theirfirst fall was fun, their first spring will be exciting!


Our 5 reasons to choose spring

☑️ To feel like the king/queen of the resort. 2.5 miles of beach to yourself, who says better?

☑️ This is the best time to adopt the Châtelaillon attitude. It is held in three words: freedom, simplicity, generosity. Give it a try!

☑️ Go green. The teeming life of the marais, the iodized conviviality of the Boucholeurs or the Colline d’Angoute have not finished surprising you.

☑️ Order the flagship cocktail of the resort: 1/3 light, 1/3 oxygen and 1/3 iodine.

☑️ Enjoy a resort that shines. La Rochelle, Fort Boyard, Iles de Ré, d’Aix or d’Oléron: everything is within reach. Or a sailboat. Or catamaran.


First spring terraces

Picture this… A beautiful April weekend, the first rays of sunshine peeking through. The air is warm, it can be up to 25° at this time, while the ocean rolls out its waves just steps away. The children are playing quietly in the sand and you order your first patio coffee of the season. A little taste of happiness?

At the end of the day, glasses clink and the tribe toasts in the garden of the lovely rental. Pineau for the grown-ups, water mint for the kids and spring oysters for everyone. More Charentais, we don’t do!

Do you have room for more ice cream?

Find the best gourmet addresses in Chatelaillon! 🍦

Stroll of Angoute

Châtelaillon in spring is also an opportunity to flâner as close as possible to a nature that wakes up. Tune in, you can hear it yawn… We want to move! In rando mode or in bike mode, to cool down or to work the cardio, we take the direction of the marshes.

On the spot, you open your eyes wide to see a mama stork joining her stork chicks, white stilts wading in the water or butterns courting each other. There’s a reason spring is the season of love!

For those who want more, we extend the walk to Angoute and its hill to offer one of the most beautiful views of Châtelaillon.

💆♀️ 💆♂️

Spa Nuxe in couple

There’s love in the air at Spa Nuxe de Châtelaillon! The end of the year has been tough, so we’re giving ourselves a break from wellness for two to deeply relax and regain our strength. Duo treatment, outdoor jacuzzi, and sensory shower: the winter cold seems far away…

🚲 🌊

Heading for the Ile de Ré

Hoist the sails and weigh anchor, we’re off to the Ile de Ré! A calm sea, a clear sky, and very few people on the spot: we discover the place in the best conditions.

Once disembarked, all the senses are on alert. The fields of poppies catch the eye, while the salt marshes excite the taste buds and the sense of smell. We finish with a bike tour of the island so as not to miss anything of the landscape.



On the agenda: Belle Époque charm and villas with character

Do you love beautiful stones?

Go on the traces of the architecture châtelaillonnaise.
In short, for a weekend or a week’s vacation, we resource, we visit, we enjoy the awakening of nature.