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Easter near La Rochelle: our 5 ideas not bells and whistles!

Easter near La Rochelle: top 5 ideas !

During the April vacations, we put down a rabbit from the daily routine and book a nice Easter weekend near La Rochelle with our little ones. A toe in the sea, a piece of ear in the air and eyes wide open, we discover ourselves by a thread and enjoy the whole resort at our own pace. So, what will be your first good idea?

Idea # 1

Discover Chatelaillon in single file

Less cars means more adventure to experience in the resort. Head to your nearest bike rental and get your mini-Poulidor on board for a de France tour of Chatelaillon! Between seas and marshes, nature wakes up under a sweet sun and reveals its first treasures to you. Air, iodine and unexpected encounters (oh a heron!), April has more than one surprise in its bag.

Looking for eggs is good. Finding clues is better! No time to lose, the whole tribe embarks on a Terra Aventura investigation in pursuit of the precious Poi’z. On bike or on foot, on smartphone or on paper, to each his technique to be the fastest! And who knows, a chocolate chicken may have slipped by…

Terra Adventure Egg Hunt

Idea # 2

Bubbling in La Rochelle

It’s impossible to spend an Easter weekend near La Rochelle without visiting France’s favorite aquarium! Why do we love it?

🐠 For its 82 pools divided into 10 aquatic universes

🔎 To share an exciting and poetic moment with the children

✨ To hear them make “wahou” every two steps

☁ To enjoy the white city even when it’s gray!

As for the older kids, they can visit the Arsenal de Rochefort and its Corderie Royale, two symbols of the maritime past of the city. Don’t miss the Accro-Mâts adventure park nearby! On the banks of the Charente River, children climb on a replica of the frigate Hermione and move from rope to rope like real pirates.

Idea # 3

Enjoy the rain

The sky is falling? We’ve got just the thing for you!

  • For the budding kangaroos: head to Angoulins, 5mn from Châtelaillon by car for a special afternoon of daredevilry. On the indoor climbing side, we choose The Peak and its playful walls. On the trampoline side, we bounce thanks to the Jump’In Park.
  • For the seeds of artists, it happens at the Atelier de Beauséjour: magic, theater, golf or cooking: the talent does not wait!”
  • For freshwater sailors: head to the Club Nautique to embark on an optimist course.

The more loulous we are, the merrier! ☂️
Swinging, bouncing or raising the sails: everything is possible with our selection of special kids activities.

Idea # 4

Marvel at nature

More like sea or marsh? Shellfish and shellfish or storks and grey herons? Choose your getaway from your office and book your family guided tour with a local flora and fauna specialist. Something to spark curiosity during your Easter weekend near La Rochelle.

Idea # 5

Seeing Father Fourras

Put on the caps and grab the tummels, you’re off to Fort Boyard by boat! From Châtelaillon or La Rochelle, you split the waves with your nose to the wind and treat yourself to an afternoon the kids will remember for a long time…

Are we taking to the sea?
Give yourself a getaway at sea and say hello to Père Fouras from us!

See the outings at Fort Boyard.
Set sail to Fort Boyard on a commented cruise or enjoy a catamaran ride overlooking the Fort.