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Chatelaillon : your off-season program !

Like springtime with your nose in the wind and the autumns all sweet? Stop everything, we have the perfect base camp for you! Here, you can put down your suitcases and collect pretty moments in the resort at your own pace. Châtelaillon out of season: ask for the program! 🌷🍂


The ideal base camp

For vacations in freedom

We have a thousand reasons to bring you to the resort. But we had to choose three!

# 1 – Finding Châtelaillon is a different pleasure in every season. You can dip your toes in the summer as well as curl up by the fire in the winter. Simple moments to enjoy all year round. And you, what is your favorite moment?

# 2 – Did you know? Chatelaillon is built in a star shape. Everything is accessible in a few minutes from the heart of the resort. The perfect base camp to radiate in the department. And far beyond!


Taking care of yourself

Wellness at the water's edge

In your new base camp, small moments make big memories! Especially when they are shared by two in an exceptional setting… The harshness of winter is gone, and it’s time for cocooning with the superb pool of the Nuxe Spa at La Grande Terrasse.

Discover the Nuxe Spa

Luxury, calm and voluptuousness: a program in Chatelaillon 100% serenity with your other half. Let yourself be pampered to the rhythm of the proposed treatments and prepare yourself in beauty for the return of the beautiful days.


Melting for ice cream

And crack on his cone

It’s the moment young and old have been waiting for (except they don’t dare say it): the afternoon ice cream! At two steps of the beach, we launch out in an intense session of window-shopping to choose its flavors. 20 minutes later, we will finally choose… the same ones as last year!

Sitting in front of the ocean, the children nibble their little vacation treasure, while the parents savor their madeleine de Proust. A tribe of gourmands under a beautiful spring sun: that’s also the program of Chatelaillon!


Toasting to the good times

And taste the pleasure of being together

Being together, that’s what we’re all about! No base camp without a good bunch of friends and tastings. And for that, nothing better than a place on the terrace. Sunglasses, straw hats and tapas for the aperitif: we’re ready to order the rest!


Take the sea for the Ile de Ré

And fill up with sea spray

Getting a taste for the Charente

With the farmers' markets

Passionate, exciting and proud of their stands: local producers have not finished surprising you! Take advantage of the beginning of the season to discover the fruits of their labor and let them tell you the story of their land.

So, more like 🍓 or 🍯?


Warming up in a thalasso

(And not wanting to leave)

In autumn, we immerse ourselves in the warm waters of the thalasso and forget about the outside world… An invitation to cocoon and a great way to coax winter.


Having the pancake elsewhere

Au Bain des Fleurs

Contemplating a sunset

The art of light

Every fall, poetry comes to your base camp. Stand on the beach and let yourself be enchanted by the warm lights of dusk. From late afternoon to sunset, the châtelaillonnais sky is a permanent spectacle. Stars in the eyes guaranteed…