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Weekend in Châtelaillon-Plage out of season : our essentials

Overpriced July? What if September and May were the best months of the year to enjoy a weekend in Châtelaillon-Plage? The streets are paisible, the sun points its first rays and the beach is revealed under its most beautiful light. A great way to (re)discover the essentials of the resort… minus the crowds and the heat!

A for...

The Aquarium of La Rochelle


This blue dream, can’t you believe it’s wonderful? Welcome to one of the most beautiful private aquariums in Europe. A few numbers to get you in the mood:

  • 0 stress for children (and parents)
  • 2 hours of immersion in the world’s ocean floor
  • 83 aquariums to stand in awe
  • 600 species
  • 12,000 marine animals
  • 3 million liters of seawater on site, including 1.5 million for sharks alone!

B is for...

Angoute’s Walk


Explore a new face of Châtelaillon with a jaunt between sea and marsh. At stake: one of the coolest panoramas on the resort. Whether you’re slow, rando or cardio, the Angoutre Stroll fits all desires. On your sneakers!

C is for...

Aquatic Center 29°


Conveniently located across from the Marina, the Aquatic Center is the perfect refuge when the weather turns cool. Grab swimming caps, slip the towels into the backpacks and come enjoy the 29-degree water with your family. More of a sports fan? Between an aquabiking class and an aquagym session, the main pools will have you crawling at will. More like farniente? Chill out in one of the jacuzzis while the little ones splash around under the watchful eye of the swimmers.

D for...

Fauna and Flora Discovery


Whether they’re smart as monkeys or strong as lions, your pitchouns will be like fish in the water with our 100% nature activities. Not silly!

  • Go on a junior safari in the Marais d’Yves
  • Take a picture with the rhinos at the Zoo de la Palmyre
  • Petting the mule heads at L’Asinerie des Varennes in Dompierre sur Mer
  • Admiring the Autruches of Laurette

F is for...

Beach soccer


A balloon, friends and the big beach of Chatelaillon: the Stade de France can wait! We dribble, we shoot and we celebrate our victory as a team with a well-deserved waffle with sugar.

Not a fan of the round ball? The Molky works too!



“In May, don’t let yourself go” (châtelaillonnais proverb)

Weekend goal: get in shape! We motivate ourselves, we leave conquering and we test the facilities of the city dedicated to sweat and time. Thalasso for the line, running with apparatus along the beach or nature hike in the Angoute marshes, you are on the right track.

G is for...



After sports, comfort, with the sweet treats of fall. The honey pancakes and roasted almonds at Bain des Fleurs, homemade waffles at Glacier des Dunes… In September, we listen to his window!



Fancy a weekend in Châtelaillon-Plage that swings? Head to the Bluegreen Rochefort Océan (yes, we speak English) in Saint-Laurent-de-la-Pée or the Golf La Rochelle Sud… south of La Rochelle.

L is for...

M is for...

Seasonal Markets


The heart of the resort beats a little harder on market days. Stroll, chat, taste and overflow baskets with delicious seasonal produce. Sweet melons or iodized oyster chow, you’re in for a well-deserved “hmmm”.

P is for...



The heritage of Charente is not lacking in nuggets: the architecture of châtelaillonnaise and its church, the beautiful stones of La Rochelle and its port, the naval past of Rochefort… The exploration is just beginning.

A base camp for architecture fans

The Peak


To reach the peaks. Inside!

Drive for adventure

Small pleasures


Our favorites?

💧 The cocooning break in thalasso or at the Nuxe Spa, ideal for a wellness weekend in Chatelaillon-Plage.

🍓 The local products of the market: strawberries in spring, hot goat in autumn and oysters at the end of the year: the winning (and greedy) trio

🛎 The restaurants of Châtelaillon

One day, a thousand ideas

T is for...

Terra Aventura


Getting the little ones to move while cogitating? Only Terra Aventura can do that. If Châtelaillon has 3 tracks, the Charente-Maritime counts no less than 440! Fun, smart and free: we validate.

W is for...

Extended weekend! 🌸🍂❄️