Vacations in Chatelaillon-Plage : ask for the program !

In summer, there are often those who want to do everything… and those who want to do nothing. Test everything or laze around, no need to choose during your vacations in Chatelaillon-Plage! Here, everyone can enjoy the resort at his own pace, according to the numerous activities offered.

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Adopt the art of living in Châtellerault

The sweetness of life in Châtelaillon is not a myth! On the contrary, it is everywhere in the resort… You can find it in the small rental houses with their Belle-Epoque charm, in the markets with their local flavors and in the secret corners of the large beach.

Enjoying the unmissable beach

Spending a vacation in Chatelaillon-Plage without enjoying the beach is like a Tour de France without a bike: impossible!

We take the index 50, the snowshoes, the children’s snack and we go to enjoy the 3 km of fine sand that the resort offers. In addition to being free and close to downtown, there is plenty of equipment for the little ones and the big sportsmen.

Going green

Nature is not an option in Chatelaillon! Nestled between the sea and the marshes, the city evolves in harmony with its environment. A privileged setting that it carefully preserves, so that the curious and the passionate can better enjoy it.

Forget the car

Less car means more adventure! This summer, we leave our car on the parking lot and we opt for walking or biking with the vacations in Chatelaillon.

Superb strolls along the sea front, a beach in the heart of the resort and shops accessible in 5mn: to your handlebars!

Enjoying oysters in front of a sunset

Putting your feet under the table... in the sand

You don’t know the paillotes of Chatelaillon? Check the box and discover these beach restaurants that give your meals a little taste of elsewhere.

Getting back in shape

Objective: feel good in your sneakers this summer! To do this, head to the beach for a fitness session thanks to the various free sports equipment. * **

*Zumba, fitness, beach volleyball, badminton…
** Psst, in real life it’s not that hard!”

Take advantage of local products

They are beautiful, they are good, they are fresh: they are local products! Their inimitable taste and freshness are at the heart of tasty aperitifs with friends and delicious picnics on the beach with the family. A must for vacations in Chatelaillon.

Recharge your batteries

To meet and have fun

Get out your diaries! The vacations in Chatelaillon have many events and activities in store for you that will delight young and old alike.

Aquatic Center, beach outings or International Kite Festival: so many events not to be missed this year!

Setting sail

Take to the sea to explore another face of Chatelaillon!

Aboard a catamaran or a cruise boat, the islands of Aix, Oléron and Fort Boyard reveal some of their secrets…

Discover the foreshore

Once the sea is gone, we discover the foreshore…

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