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Covered market: a concentrate of Charentes!

Châtelaillon and the covered market, it is a love story that does not date from yesterday! We must go back to the 1930s to witness the creation of this local institution. Since then, generations of producers and shopkeepers have animated it with passion. And it shows! Cheesemonger, delicatessen, butcher, oyster farmer or fishmonger, discover their treasures and concoct your Charentais meal.

We love talking to them, discussing the rain and the weather, but especially getting their precious advice! Choice of ingredients, cooking and accompaniments, the shopkeepers of the covered market inspire you and guide you in your choices. Discover them! Good mood and conviviality guaranteed.

Words from the shopkeepers!

The covered market is a small family! Everyone knows each other here, it creates a real atmosphere, authentic and friendly

Pascal FOUCHER, cheese maker and proud of his region

When you love your job, you are uncompromising about quality.

Manu, in love with his job

I love the contact with customers. Advising, guiding and inspiring is our daily work with my team.

Loïc, at the service of delight

Passing on your passion to your children is the best gift you can give them.


Claude Courprie, oyster farmer

What do Chatelaillon and Italy have in common? The love of simplicity!

Stefano, shopkeeper at the Pasta Company

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