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Châtelaillon Casino - much more than slot machines!

What a surprise! My little darling decided to take me to the Châtelaillon Casino restaurant for my birthday. I kissed him and put on my best dress. Poker and roulette were not on our to-do list. We were more into a fine dinner in the casino restaurant, followed by some Saturday night fever on the rooftop. A last brush stroke of eyeliner and we were on our way, heading towards the seafront promenade casino at sunset.

A Casino Cocktail: 1/3 romance, 1/3 great taste, 1/3 fun and games!

We went directly upstairs to the Casino rooftop. The one-armed bandits would have to wait! The rooftop is reputed for having the most beautiful view of the whole beach in all of Châtelaillon. The ocean stretched out as far as my eye could see, the summer evening sky was blazing and my darling was next to me. It couldn’t have been more romantic! Who would believe that gaming excitement was in full swing on the floor below? We sat comfortably in the white lounge and ordered our favourite cocktails in the modern and cosy atmosphere. The 80’s party promised to be fun with its bright cubes and colourful sculptures. We had heard that the atmosphere was great and would build to a dancing frenzy. It’s a good thing, we had practiced our dance choreography well! Get the dancefloor ready!

An Enjoyable Time at the Châtelaillon Casino Restaurant

Before getting out on the dancefloor, we started our evening in the ground-floor restaurant. It is very tastefully-decorated and overlooking the sea. No sooner had we arrived in the superb ‘Belle Epoque’ glass roof veranda than a waiter welcomed us with a smile and gave us a table us overlooking the beach. We loved the restaurant’s sober-chic style. It’s perfect for an intimate dinner with your other half…

We browsed the gourmet menu with its numerous local delicacies before making our choice. I had lightly-fried slices of fish and a small vegetable pie. Benoit had a juicy entrecote (100% Nouvelle-Aquitaine) covered with Béarnaise sauce. A house classic! We both cracked and ordered the always-favourite chocolate cake dessert. I also ordered a side dish of romantic words! Between dishes, we watched the last bathers swimming back to the beach in the twilight.

Under the Châtelaillon lights!

I glanced at my watch, it was 10pm and time to go up to the casino rooftop and set the dancefloor on fire. At the turntables, a DJ was playing hits from the 80’s which brought back many crazy memories we had forgotten. Subdued lighting, champagne and an excited atmosphere, we understood why the locals love this place in summer! Between two disco hits, the DJ played a slow dance. We snuck in a few kisses. The evening ended in beauty with the last sunrays showing on the horizon.

Next time we’ll go down one floor and try our luck at the slot machines. But for tonight, all bets are off!

If I had to describe the evening in one word, I’d say “magical! The Châtelaillon Casino restaurant was a nice birthday surprise.

Clara, 32 years old, living with Benoît