Ostreiculture Huitre Chatelaillon BoucholerusOstreiculture Huitre Chatelaillon Boucholerus
©Ostreiculture Huitre Chatelaillon Boucholerus |Laurinda Hudgens

Oysters of the Boucholeurs: enjoy them together!

Tonight it is decided, we dine in love in Chatelaillon. On the program, shellfish and crustaceans. But not just any shellfish! We choose the delicious oysters of Boucholeurs. No abandoned beach either, but a small hut at sunset… Romantic atmosphere guaranteed!

We find the rare pearl!

After some researches, we fall quickly of agreement on the choice of the hut. It will be “Saveurs Nacrées”!

We like its intimate side, a little apart in the Village, its beautiful terrace in height and its red brick which contrasts with the surrounding nature. The perfect setting to taste the Boucholeurs oysters in tête-à-tête.

The Boucholeurs oyster: a pleasure for all the senses

On the way for our hut of the evening, we pass the basins where the precious shells wait quietly. Here we are! Table in front of the sea or comfortable sofa, it is necessary to choose once in terrace.

The cards are coming ! Here it’s good-naturedness and good humor on the menu. We choose together a copious seafood platter, garnished with beautiful home-made oysters raised in the waters of the Ile de Ré. Only that! The senses are awakened while we taste this noble product facing the ocean.

"Pearly flavors", a beautiful family story

Here the mistress of the place is Fanny! She lingers at our table and answers all our questions with pleasure. Her passion? The Boucholeurs oyster! The culture, the good gestures, the recipes, she knows everything about her flagship product.

We listen carefully to her story: that of a woman in love who changed her job to follow her husband, an oyster farmer for generations. It doesn’t get more romantic than this!

Since then, Fanny has been running this pretty tasting hut with Fabrice and his brother Kevin Loup. Does her face speak to you? You may have already met her at the market, where she regularly sells her catch of the day.


The oyster is a delicate product. It must be cultivated with patience and respect to get the best out of it.


Fanny, oyster farmer and owner of the "Saveurs Nacrées" hut

The tourist office advises you…


A recipe for hot oysters with champagne, perfect for a dinner for two!

(For 4 people)



The ingredients:

– 3 oysters
– 20 cl of fresh cream
– 80 grams of butter
– 20 cl of champagne
– 4 egg yolks
– Chives

The steps:

  1. Open the oysters, shuck and filter the returned water
  2. .

  3. Melt the butter then add the fresh cream, 8 cl of champagne and 16 cl of water. Poach the oysters in the mixture for about 10 minutes. Drain them and reduce the sauce by half.
  4. Whip the egg yolks with 3 tablespoons of champagne. Place in a hot water bath and let it thicken.

5. Stir into the reduced sauce. Add pepper, chopped chives and remaining champagne.

6. Put the oysters back into the empty shells, cover with sauce and bake for 4 minutes.

Serve hot!