Facade BeausejourFacade Beausejour
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Beauséjour: the cultural space for all!

Nested in a magnificent late 19th century hotel that has been completely renovated, the Beauséjour cultural space is THE Chatelaillonnais cultural venue par excellence. Rich and varied programming all year long in the beautiful 300-seat auditorium, children’s workshops all summer long and for all tastes and even movie showings in the afternoon, Céline and her team do everything they can to make this friendly place the meeting place for the people of Chatelaillonnais and vacationers in summer.

Coming to Beauséjour

By car, on foot or by bus, access to Beauséjour is quick and easy. It is located on the Boulevard de la République which runs alongside the boulevard de la mer…so between children’s activities at Beauséjour or the sandy beach, you don’t even have to choose.

Children's paradise all summer long

Vacations in Châtelillonnais rhyme with passion. Whether you are a budding pastry chef, a fan of magic, a born actor or a first-time sewer, children will be able to indulge their favorite passion this summer at Beauséjour. Virginie has put together a rich and varied program that will appeal to the creative, the scientific and the more athletic!

And who knows, they may even discover their next activity of the year! Yes, the vacations are also the time to discover new desires.

To book, it’s simple, just call Beausejour and book the activity they like. It’s every weekday morning in July and August and for children ages 7 to 13

But parents are not forgotten! Belly dancing will have no more secrets for you, you will perfect your ballroom dancing and you will enjoy your favorite activity, bridge.

Atelier Madeleine SamhammadAtelier Madeleine Samhammad
©Atelier Madeleine Samhammad

« J’ai appris avec Mathilde à cuisiner des madeleines. Maintenant, j’en fais tous les week-ends pour mes parents !

Ninon, 10 ans

The tourist office advises you…

Every afternoon in the summer, go to the Beauséjour auditorium for a movie screening. Whether it’s raining or the heat wave is in full swing, you’ll enjoy the air conditioning and comfortable seating. Plus, it’s free. To find out about the program, a quick call is in order.

Are you motivated?

Discover the list of activities offered for young and old all summer long at Beauséjour

Theater or concert? A cultural season worthy of a great

Beauséjour is the place to be all year round for shows in and around châtelaillonnais.
You can laugh at the caustic humor of a comedy straight from Paris, dream at the magic of an artist’s performance, be ecstatic at a classical music concert, or be educated at a film conference. As you can see, the program of the Scène de Beauséjour is rich, dense and imaginative… a cultural scene that has all the makings of a great one.

Beausejour active all year round

From January to December, it is the heart of life in Châtelaillon. Dance classes, memory lessons, bridge tournaments, you can have fun, learn, share, laugh, make friends, a place that is a must in local life… So if you feel like it, come and try out one of its activities and become a fan of the place.