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Our Three Favourite Seafood Restaurants in Châtelaillon

Mussels may be less prestigious than oysters but everyone enjoys their delicious taste just as much. Both mussels and oysters feature on many resort menus, either hot or cold, with saffron, with Pineau des Charentes, or to take away. Are you tempted? Here we share our top three Châtelaillon seafood restaurants with you. Hoist the sails!

Maud Chollet's Oyster Bar

A taste trip


    • 43 Avenue André Dulin Village des Boucholeurs
    • 17340 YVES


    • The oyster bar is open all day every day except Sunday afternoon.


Why we love it : Because Maud belongs to an organic farm food association (AMAP), and her objective is to preserve the traditions of yesteryear.


More about the Oyster Bar


Shellfish farming has long been a Chollet family tradition and Maud is a 4th generation manager working in Les Boucholeurs. She loves her work at the helm of her oyster bar which is on the family premises in Les Boucholeurs. It’s one of Châtelaillon’s original seafood restaurants. Whether you choose oysters or Bouchot mussels, you can sit on the shady terrace, watch the seafood being unloaded from the boats and enjoy tasty seafood knowing that you couldn’t be eating anything fresher. Maud also does retail sales for those who prefer to eat at home.

Ambiance Cabane

Are you looking for a seafood restaurant in Châtelaillon? Don’t go past Valérie and Jean-Michel’s ‘Ambiance Cabane’ oyster cabin at Les Boucholeurs. It’s a Charentaise institution.

Why we love it : We love the view from the terrace and the warm welcome from the owners.

From the terrace, you can enjoy a superb view across the shimmering water of the Bay of Yves towards Aix Island and Fouras on the horizon. With a wide choice of seafood on the menu, you’ll definitely find what you are looking for.

Enjoy Valérie and Jean-Michel’s seafood in a friendly atmosphere.

Mussels or oysters? Look around and you’ll see the farm and beds from whence they come, a few metres from the restaurant. Freshness guaranteed!

Learn more about the Cabane Ambiance


Saveurs Nacrées

Saveurs Nacrées is one of the pearls of Châtelaillon seafood restaurants! Ideally located on the seafront, Fanny and Fabrice’s cabin can be spotted from afar with its orange parasols and rooftop terrace.

Why we love it : For Fanny and Fabrice’s commitment to top-quality, fresh daily seafood.

One of the most beautiful views of the coastline!
Fanny and Fabrice are seafood total producers (breeders, maturers, harvesters and shippers). They are uncompromising on the quality of every step of their production. That way, they can be sure that they are offering their customers the best the sea has to offer, every day.

Your meal is the result of a recipe which includes passion, commitment, a lot of elbow grease and a good sprinkling of know-how. You won’t find a better recipe!

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