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Ice cream parlors of Chatelaillon : a perfume of spring

The glaciers of Chatelaillon, it is a bit the fresh ray of the resort! As soon as the sunny days return, ice creams and sorbets point the end of their cone to make little and big gourmands crack. A simple and sweet happiness to share with his little ones to celebrate spring. So, raspberry or pistachio?

We crack and we crunch

The sun appears! Quickly, we run on the sea front to buy its first sorbet of the season and to pile up its favorite flavors. Mom tried to resist: she didn’t last long! It must be said that between Pimonki and the Glacier des Dunes, there is something to crack…

Glacier des Dunes : Pilat time for a snack

What if snacking became a moment of complicity? Find the Glacier des Dunes and its green façade this time, to share a delicious cone facing the ocean. On site, you can count on Laurence, artisan ice cream maker, and her 100% natural perfumes to bring you closer! Beautiful, good and organic, we return without hesitation.


as beautiful as natural

In Chatelaillon, Guillaume and Nat have put down their suitcases filled with ice cream surprises on the Boulevard de la République. He is a pastry chef and ice cream maker, she is a trained chef and ice cream lover! The 24 flavors they carefully select are guaranteed without artificial additives: a 100% natural taste that pleases young and old alike.

To choose (or not) between vanilla and chocolate

Find our selection of ice cream shops in Chatelaillon.
A moment 100% pleasure, 100% spring! 🍦🌸