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Our Choice of Places to Eat in Châtelaillon

Do you have a big appetite or a small one? Whichever, it’s yummy time and you’ll soon find a nice place to eat at the resort. There’s a large variety of snack bars and restaurants, in the town centre or by the sea, each with its delicious specialities, and many of which are open all year. You’ll find something for all tastes (and budgets) from snacks to fine gourmet dinners. Peruse our menu and make your choice!

Lunch Places in Châtelaillon

Pizzeria Chez Fredo

Why we like it:

Fredo’s respects the 3 pizza commandments:
1 – homemade with quality ingredients
2 – generous in size and topping
3 – for all budgets

And on top of that, Fredo’s give you a warm welcome and you can eat in, even in summer.

Le P’tit Creux, a great place for a light snack

Why we like it:
Paninis, kebabs, or sandwiches, here they keep their meals simple, but make them well! You can take your order to the beach or eat it while walking. It’s the perfect place for getting your holiday strength back at a low price, for example between a Zumba class and a tanning session.

Le Bugatti Restaurant-Pizzeria, the café-brasserie with a sea view

Why we like it:

We like their simple brasserie dishes, fresh ingredients and the not-to-be-missed white terrace with its privileged view, overlooking the beach.

La Petite Havane (Little Havana), lunch breaks made in Cuba!

Why we like it :

Here is a tapas bar with a Cuban vibe atmosphere, and service at all hours. A la carte: ensaladas, pescados, muslo de pato, costillas de cerdo, carne de vaca*, washed down with homemade cocktails in the evening… Free Cuba for us!
*salads, fish, duck confit, pork ribs or beef



Why we like it:

This restaurant, nestled behind the Casino, has a cosy decor and a very pretty, shaded terrace. Enjoy their tasty dishes made with local and environmentally-friendly ingredients. Our favourite meal is their tasty Sunday morning brunch, what’s yours?

Le Comptoir de l’Océan – landfood or seafood lunches

Why we like it:

The ‘Comptoir’ serves sailors (and sea lovers) with a wide choice of seafood with a tasty Asian touch. The combination works well! They serve landlubbers with a selection board of aperitif food that will delight your friends or your tribe. In both cases, you’ll enjoy this Châtelaillon restaurant’s superb location.

All Châtelaillon bakeries serve good value meals!

Why we like:

There isn’t always time for a full meal on holiday; sometimes we need to eat on the go. A crispy baguette with ham and butter (a French staple snack) from one of our bakeries will quickly satisfy all appetites. Or would you prefer a filled roll?

Snack bars in Châtelaillon

The ocean air makes us all hungry, especially the kids! Between their sailing lessons, swimming lessons and getting drenched under the aquatic centre waterfall they’ll need a refuelling break. What will it be kids, ice cream or crêpes? What if they didn’t have to choose?

Les Bains des Fleurs, a top resort address

Why we like it :

The ‘Bains des Fleurs’ It’s more than a crêperie, it’s one of the gourmet institutions in Châtelaillon which has managed to capture the ‘Belle Époque’ atmosphere in its dishes. Try salidou or hazelnut and nougat ice-cream (to name but two). For us, it’ll be a Châtelaillonnaise, of course!

A pancake break in any season

At the Bains des Fleurs you can take a delicious “crêpe break” all year-round. So why not stay for autumn and enjoy many crêpes by the sea.

Order a crepe in the sun

Glacier des Dunes – Ice-creams

Why we like it:

At the Glacier des Dunes, Laurence makes no compromise when it comes to quality. She uses quality, organic ingredients and 100%-pure flavours. If you like delicious home-made ice-creams and cones with tasty flavours, this is the right place. But quick, it’s dripping!

Dinner Places in Châtelaillon

The Grand Terrasse, the jewel of Châtelaillon

Why we like it:

It’s the heart and home of Chef Pierre Gagnaire. You’ll dine here with stars in your eyes.

Le Grain de Sable: great ocean sunset tastes!

Why we like it:

We love Loïc’s wonderful cuisine, his competent, audacious ingredient combinations, and the outdoor terrace for romantic dinners facing the sunset. A Châtelaillon must do!

The Boucholeurs cabins, get closer oyster farmers’ and their produce

Why we like it :

Simply put, fantastic oysters in an authentic oyster-farming setting, with beautiful sunsets added in.

For small appetites and unforgettable moments

Enjoy a meal at one of our selection of restaurants.