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La Malle d'Allionis: let's escape!

La Malle d’Allionis, this is the new name of the Médiathèque de Châtelaillon-Plage which has metarmorphosed in 2019. Upcycling, traveler’s café, cosy reading room, it takes you today on a beautiful journey…that of reading and culture.
So for a coffee break while reading your favorite newspaper, to check your emails in the wifi lounge or to choose your next readings, push the door, open the trunk, read, share, browse, escape.

See you at the Mediatheque

Located behind the town hall, in the courtyard, it is a few steps from the market street. So walk, bike or scooter, the choice is yours.
It is open all year round on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 10am to 12pm and from 3pm to 6pm and on Thursday from 3pm to 6pm.

The traveler's café

What if you took the time… the time to read your favorite daily newspaper while sipping a good coffee in a quiet and relaxing place? That’s what vacations are all about, doing everything and nothing. Then we have the ideal place, the traveler’s café at the entrance of the media library. Order your favorite hot beverage from a volunteer, shop among the 40 daily newspapers offered and make yourself comfortable.


«Je viens tous les jours pour lire la presse locale. J’aime cette pause hors du temps.»

Paul, 60 ans


« Je viens tous les mardis et vendredis après un passage au marché. J’en profite pour papoter avec mes copines et lire la presse féminine de la semaine. Un vrai luxe! »

Julie, 35 ans

We leaf through and escape

Want to read the latest detective novel by your favorite author or learn more about the history of Chatelaillon? Sylvie and Cristelle are there to share their favorites and their good advice with you.

We’re sure they’ll find you the summer reading for lazing on the beach. Or if you prefer, sit in one of the many armchairs, browse and choose.
And while you’re at it, let your children discover their space, choose the book to read at night before going to sleep or the comic book of the week and let them spread out in the big soft and colorful armchairs… a real invitation to read.

The tourist office advises you


Did you know that the media library offers a weekly card in summer?

So for 5€, it would be silly to deprive yourself of it.

Want to escape?

To discover this dreamlike universe and Cristelle’s good reading advice

We connect and we bubble

It’s decided, this year, we disconnect. No more taking your computer on vacation. But well, we want to send some vacation pictures to grandpa and grandma. We were told that the wifi space of the Media Library was the most cosy of Chatelaillon. We go up to the second floor and there surprise, it is a living room as at home, a bit vintage, which tends us the arms. We settle down, we choose our computer and we send the photos. And finally, we are going to stay to surf a little longer because we are really well there!

And if we were told pretty stories

Cristelle and Sylvie love pretty stories and they tell them every Thursday in the green park in summer to the little ones from 4 years old. In the shade of the trees, they take your little ones into the world of giants and fantastic animals… nice stories in perspective and it’s free.

Throughout the year, workshops, meetings and contests follow one another, because the love of reading is something to share.