©Olivier Pravert Photographe

Experience the friendliness of Châtelaillonnais!

The friendliness of Chatelaillon is like its markets: generous, warm and authentic! From the beach to the downtown cafes, we take the time to cross paths, to meet, to laugh and to share. Simply being together! That’s also what the vacations are all about.

Small daily pleasures

Conviviality in Chatelaillon, these are all small pleasures that give rhythm to daily life and make vacations more beautiful! Are you strolling early in the morning in the Rue du Marché? Let yourself be tempted by a little coffee break to start the day and chat with the locals.

Did you say local?

Head to the market stalls to discover a festival of 100% Charente specialties. It’s beautiful, it’s fresh, and it’s grown with love by local producers! We immerse ourselves in the joyful atmosphere of the colorful stands and we fill our baskets.

Packed basket, successful picnic!

We gather friends, we put his tablecloth on the sand and we share together the sweets of the market. Wine, fruits, vegetables and cakes, the conviviality in Châtelaillon has everything good! And the view on the ocean does not spoil anything …

Who says ocean, inevitably says seafood.

If the oyster remains the queen of the plateaus, mussels and other whelks have not said their last word! Young and old, the whole family sits down to enjoy an iodized lunch with their feet in the sand.

All of these moments contribute to the châtelaillonnaise conviviality!

Great moments of sharing

From small moments to big moments, it’s just a step away!

On summer evenings, you can relax on the rooftop of the Casino with an incomparable view of the sea. The sea spray, the starry sky and the DJ sets are perfect for getting in the mood.

The Châtelaillon conviviality also knows how to be calmer… Cosier atmosphere this time, with a good coffee and the reading of its newspaper every morning in the media library of Châtelaillon relooked.

The children? They develop their creativity with a wide range of activities at the Beausejour center. New friends guaranteed! It is an opportunity for parents to discover the Hippodrome de Châtelaillon and to vibrate together to the rhythm of horse racing.

Whether you are with family or friends, the resort offers you a break from the hustle and bustle to rediscover the simple pleasures of a vacation.

Gourmet breaks

If there is one thing we all share, it is greed! And in Chatelaillon, there is something for everyone. We share with you our favorites:

For a little coffee after the races: Le Bar Le Centre or La Brûlerie du marché

For a tea break with the girls in a cozy place: En Apar’thé or La compagnie de la Rosa

For lovers of well-made crepes: the unavoidable Bains des Fleurs

For a starry interlude: Pierre Gagnaire’s gourmet restaurant La Grande Terrasse

Or just for an aperitif: feet in the water after a beautiful day in the sun!
It is all this that makes Chatelaillon this place of meeting and conviviality so appreciated by the châtelaillonnais and rochelais … And many others !