©Olivier PRAVERT Photographe

Sunset in autumn: an unforgettable moment

The best for last? That’s the secret of the half season in Chatelaillon. When everyone puts away their towels, we linger with our feet in the sand to watch one of the mostbeautiful shows in the resort. The little ones rediscover an unfiltered nature and the grown-ups enjoy a magical moment

Nature painting

The habituated know it, the autumn sunsets reveal all the shades of the châtelaillonnais sky. At around 6:00 pm, everyone enjoys the spectacle in their own way: the lovers take a long stroll along the waterfront, while the lone dreamers look up from the beach.

Blazing red, powdered pink or decayed orange-blue, each autumn sunset offers a different tableau. Nature then becomes a vast canvas that the season paints according to its inspiration. All sublimated by a light to make the great masters jealous…

No need to talk, the best is still to wonder!

Your office advises you…

Want to take in the sights? We reveal our 5 favorite spots to enjoy a autumn sunset :

# 1 – The Great Terrace of the MGallery Hotel

# 2 – The great beach of Chatelaillon

# 3 – The small beach of Boucholeurs

The golden hour

Do you have an easy focus? Known for its golden hours intense, Chatelaillon becomes as of autumn the instagrammers and photographers’ paradise. Take advantage of it to make your most beautiful shots.


Attend golden hours on the ocean from home