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Châtelaillon: the sweetness and charm of the Belle Epoque

Did you know that ? Châtelaillon-Plage was born at the same time as the railway in the 19th century! Connecting men and cities, the train quickly made this land of dunes the preferred seaside resort of the middle-class of La Rochelle.

In Chatelaillon, the Belle Epoque spirit reigns over the resort and gives it an inimitable elegance. Its secret? A typical seaside setting that allows you to immerse yourself in history over the beautiful houses and local anecdotes. Discover a destination where traditions are lived by the water, between fishing village and oyster huts. A secret that is shared!

Stroll along the streets and let yourself be carried away by the authentic charm of thebeautiful period homes. The Villa Sans Nom, the Dunes or the Villa Stella Maris, all have kept the character of their original architectural style.

A 100% architectural adventure.

Continue your visit with the Terra Aventura course. Between walks and riddles, discover all the secrets of Châtelaillonnaise architecture.

Let’s go on a treasure hunt.


Discover Châtelaillon's must-sees to go back in time!

Our selection of Belle Epoque accommodations

Want to extend the Belle Epoque atmosphere? Don’t hesitate to rent one of these small villas for your vacation! They now offer all the modern comforts, for a stay out of time 100% relaxed. You prefer the hotel? Put your bags down a stone’s throw from the beach at Majestic or opt for Salima’s warm welcome at Victoria.

Are you a hotel owner?

Cosy and authentic, they ensure you an original stay. We have selected 2 turn-of-the-century hotels to prolong your stay in this turn-of-the-century atmosphere, with the added comfort!