©Laurinda Hudgens

From oyster shacks to oyster farms: a whole profession!

The weather is nice, the tide is low and the Village des Boucholeurs is close by… It’s the perfect opportunity for a guided tour of the famous oyster farms! In good company, since it is Laurence Gaté, passionate oyster farmer, who initiates us today to her job. From the bouchots to the oyster huts, an immersion in the field not to be missed!

More than a job, a passion

Laurence ? It was during the visit of her oyster shack during a guided tour of the Tourist Office that we got to know each other. Her strength of character and her passion for her job appealed to me right away. *

As for her story, a real novel! 10 years ago, she decided to change her job completely to devote herself to oyster farming, her true passion.

*She even calls her oysters “my babies!”

Her mother and her sister quickly joined the adventure and started breeding with her. Since then, these three funny ladies with a strong temperament have made a place for themselves in this male profession. And not just any place, since Laurence is now the president of the shellfish cooperative of Boucholeurs! Hats off to her!

There is something magical about turning that tiny dot into a beautiful oyster…

Laurence Gaté, oyster farmer

Get to work!

Laurence had warned me: there will be sport!

It’s not all that, but we have work to do! On the spot, Laurence’s protégés rest in pockets that we have to turn over regularly so that they grow in a homogeneous way. It’s up to us to “fire” them!

Our guide shows us the example, she amazes us! During this time, we cross his colleagues come from all the horizons and each one goes of his small anecdote.

Return to the oyster area and tasting in the oyster shack

The water begins to go up, it is sign that it is necessary to return! We go now to the oyster zone loaded with our pockets of oysters. We go of discovery in discovery with the aligned cabins, the basins of sea water and their small locks. Their goal: to mix the salt water to the fresh water.

Once our leggings put on, we enter the basin of refining where Laurence separates delicately oysters before putting it in clear for a soaking.

Translation: the oysters take a sun bath in their basin to have even more taste! It takes a while, so you will have to be patient…