©Gregory Cassiau

Châtelaillon : a beach, a thousand reasons !

Free and accessible all year round, the beach of Chatelaillon adapts to your rhythm and your desires. To each his own way to enjoy the ocean and the blonde sand. For the relaxed and the hurried, for an hour or for the day, for a few pages or for the summer saga, there is always a good reason to choose the beach of Châtelaillon!

Reason 3: To do nothing more

Two miles of fine sand, clean air, beautiful lights and a city that embraces the ocean. What if we don’t go home?

Reason 7: To get together

Naturally festive and friendly, the beach of Chatelaillon gives rhythm to the daily life of friends and tribes. Having a coffee with your feet in the sand, picnicking with your family or toasting in a straw hut, so many little pleasures that make you want to be together!

Reason 18: To find yourself

Sometimes the most intense moments are experienced away from the crowd. Listening to your breath during a run. Smelling the iodized air. Contemplating a sunset on the horizon. And enjoying the calm of a deserted beach.

Reason 45: To get the adrenaline going

In team, group or solo classes, the beach of Chatelaillon has enough to get the most sportsmen moving. Running, beach volleyball, zumba or yoga, the temperature quickly rises a notch. Fortunately, the ocean is never far away to cool down!”

Reason 82: To lower the pressure

In Chatelaillon, the ocean doesn’t make any waves! Enough to relax parents and allow them to swim serenely alongside their little ones. Not to mention the animal totems that guide the little ones to their towel. Great allies for a safe vacation.

Reason 99: To get to know each other

No one knows the territory better than those who inhabit it and make it live! The tides are an opportunity to discover the daily life of oyster and shellfish farmers. Meet, discuss and observe a local know-how in action. A little further, it is at the market that the lovers of beautiful products you content theirlove of the land.