Go into châtelaillonnais mode!

Living in the capital, it’s often living in a tiny apartment… So every year, we go into châtelaillonnais mode! To breathe, to go for long bike rides, to spend the whole day outside and to stay on the beach until the evening, that’s why we love the resort. That’s what we love about the resort. This year again, we have chosen a nice vacation rental in Chatelaillon, just a few steps from the beach. Come on, we’ll show you around!

Our favorite in Charente Maritime

We fell under the charm of Chatelaillon from our first summer with the children! With its mild seaside and its particular architecture, the city has a charm which makes it unique. Not to mention the friendliness of the Charente!

After all these years, it is still a pleasure to stroll through its peaceful streets. We stroll between the small (in appearance!) houses with floor or single-storey, and we admire their characteristic pointed roof and their bright colors.

According to the Office of Tourism, most of them were built in the late 19th century and early 20th. An authenticity that shows!”

We arrive near our rent of vacations châtelaillonnaise located in the Street of the Market. Impossible to miss it with its beautiful yellow facade. Inside we find all the comfort of a main residence… The calm in more!

The beach next to the house is so nice! We can swim whenever we want. And if we forgot something like the snowshoes or the snack it’s not very serious.

Jeremy, 8 years old, loves to barbecue and swim

Simple and relaxed: adopt the spirit of Châtellerault!

As soon as we arrive in our vacation rental in Chatelaillon, we put down the suitcases and we go out to play with the children in the garden. Sun, a garden and children who have fun, the vacations can begin! Paris and its greyness seem very far while we lie down comfortably on the deckchairs of the terrace…

If the diaries are empty, there is an appointment not to be missed during the summer: the covered market!

It is a concentrate of the spirit of Châtelaillonnais that awaits you between its colorful stalls. You can chat with the locals, meet the local producers and taste the specialties of Charente. Goat cheese, oysters and sausages for the barbecue, your mouth is already watering. Not to mention the smell of sweet melon that escapes from the basket… Quickly, let’s eat !

Return to our location, where everything is thought for the vacations. We have even a door at the end of the garden to return the evening after the beach. The children take a shower, the parents prepare the aperitif and everybody meets in terrace. This evening, it will be a funfair!