The children's paradise

Curious, adventurous, joyful or dreamy, all children are different! That’s why Chatelaillon-Plage has reserved a multitude of activities and equipments for them to have fun all year long. And for the older ones to take full advantage of it! If the little ones have found their corner of paradise, it seems that the parents too…

To make it "nice"!

Beauséjour is the cultural heart of Chatelaillon. In summer, it is full of creative and sporty activities for children of all ages. Cooking, crafts, dancing… A new passion is never far away!

To be able to say “I did it!”

To make " wahou " !

On land or on sea, budding explorers always have a new adventure waiting for them in Chatelaillon! Discover the secrets of the foreshore, tame nature during a junior safari or go to Fort Boyard by boat: when do we start?

To leave them speechless

The resort also knows how to put stars in the eyes of children! From the magic of the funfair to the beauty of an international show such as the Kite Festival, Chatelaillon has more than one event in its bag. Not to mention the various shows every Wednesday during the summer. On your agendas!

To make "wow"!