Fete Apero Plage ChatelaillonFete Apero Plage Chatelaillon
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Chatelaillon : the resort that never gets bored

Being bored is not a Châtellonian thing! Here, we have a sense of celebration and we like it when it moves. All year long and all day long, the resort lives to the rhythm of its great events and its daily entertainment. Festivals, sports tournaments or summer aperitifs, there is always something to do together in Chatelaillon. To your diaries!

Events not to be missed

The magical birds of Chatelaillon

Every Easter weekend, funny creatures come to life on the beach of Chatelaillon! This is the launch of the magnificent International Kite and Wind Festival. United States, Holland, Japan, enthusiasts arrive from all over the world to attend this extraordinary show. For 3 days, the sky of the station sees pass of all the colors! From giant octopuses to fierce rokkaku fights, the magic happens every time. An unmissable event that also marks the beginning of the season for the resort.

A garage sale full of surprises

Boulevards, more than 400 participants and lots of treasures to find: it’s the Saint Germaine’s garage sale in early June! This flea market makes every year the happiness of the amateur bargain hunters and the regular seekers. Do not hesitate to stroll between toys, furniture and decorative objects, the blow of heart should not delay!

The Boucholeurs in the spotlight

With their incomparable know-how, mussel and oyster farmers are part of the soul of the resort. It deserved an event! At the beginning of August, mussel and oyster farmers and locals meet for a simple and festive day to celebrate together their passion for heritage. Giant barbecue, craft market and traditional games, you are in the heart of the châtelaillonnais spirit.

Adrenalin and charentaises

One resort, 4 seasons!

And daily activities

Celebrating is above all a way of life in Chatelaillon. Conviviality does not wait for big events! It is lived and shared on a daily basis with those we love, in all simplicity. And there is no shortage of opportunities!

As soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, the resort comes alive and invites you to drink. With the family at the market aperitifs every Thursday in summer, at La Grande Terrasse for the Summer Beach Party or relaxed at the Bistrot du Port, everything is good to get together. For a calmer moment, wait until sunset for a nice picnic under a blazing sky.

In summer, every beach outing becomes a new rendez-vous. Concert on Tuesday, children’s show on Wednesday and ball on Friday: a busy week!