Vacances Plage Enfant ChatelaillonVacances Plage Enfant Chatelaillon
©Vacances Plage Enfant Chatelaillon |Olivier PRAVERT Photographe

Holiday Mode in Châtelaillon

There are 1001 reasons for choosing Châtelaillon-Plage as your summer holiday destination! For example, there’s the charming, well-preserved, “Belle Époque” town architecture and the town’s festive and luminous atmosphere. Instead of listing them all, we have preferred to summarise the major reasons for choosing to holiday in Châtelaillon, from A-Z list.

A As


Being bored is not a Châtelaillonnais thing! Here seasonal activities are in full swing all summer. Concerts, shows, sports tournaments or beach outings, the resort is full of activities for everyone to enjoy.


Châtelaillon is a base camp for architecture enthusiasts. There’s the town itself and its “Belle Époque” architecture mixed with more modern but always colourful buildings, and you can extend your exploration further afield to Rochefort-sur-Mer, Brouage and Royan.

B for

Belle Epoque

The ‘Belle Epoque’ was the European period of heightened artistic and cultural development before World War I. Enjoy a timeless holiday amongst villas with old-fashioned charm and hotels with retro elegance.

C for

Country setting

You will love all the seasons in Châtelaillon! With each visit, you’ll rediscover the resort in a new light and fall further and further under the spell of its preserved setting.

Close Proximity

Close proximity is part and parcel to living in Châtelaillon! With the beach in the heart of the town and La Rochelle just a stone’s throw away, everything is within easy reach of the resort. Even the local inhabitants’ smiles.

D for


Châtelaillon has the holiday feel of a seaside resort all year round thanks to its preserved and rejuvenated seaside décor that has been at the heart of its reputation since the 19th century.

E for


The most elegant things are often the simplest. That’s what Châtelaillon inhabitants say!


Preserved in time and preserved from humans and their excesses, the resort has remained simple, excess-free and a beautiful secret that we like to share.

Equipment (Facilities)

Do you like to do everything? Get the to-dos ready! Thalasso, aquatic center, racetrack or even casino, the city has all the facilities you need to spend a busy vacation.

F for


Châtelaillon loves children! It also cares for their safety while they have fun doing varied activities with their parents (or grandparents). Everything is designed to ensure that you all have a great holiday.


Châtelaillon has gone all out to create a festive atmosphere. Throughout the year, many entertaining events mark the calendar. Among them, the International Kite and Wind Festival, the end of year celebrations and the unforgettable Boucholeurs Festival.

L for


Whether it comes from the horizon, the fairground or the market, light illuminates the Châtelaillon townscape and its surrounding area. The way it brings out the town’s colours and the natural surroundings is a pleasure to contemplate and to photograph. It changes the way we see the world around us.

N as in


From sandflats, to coastline to countryside, nature is never far away. Let’s get out the bikes?

P for

Playing on the Beach

This is the secret we like to share! The Châtelaillon beach is the place to be. It fulfils all beach-lovers’ desires, be they family-oriented, romantic or sporty. At sunset, you can watch all the beautiful lights from the beach.

S as in


A drink on a café terrace, some sweet rock melon, a sunset seen from the beach… What more could you ask for?

T for

‘Tout faire (Ou ne rien faire)’ Do everything (or do nothing)!

It’s your choice!


Oyster farming is one of the resort’s traditions. Experience it up close!

Z for

Zut (French for Damn!)! 

We loved our holiday here, but “zut” (damn) they are already over. We’ll be back next year, I promise!