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In the family

To all the moms and dads who are looking for a piece of paradise for the kids this summer: you have found it! Châtelaillon-Plage is the ideal destination for a family vacation in France. Here we cultivate the little ones and we take care of them all year long. Bring your tribe together and discover a resort that loves the little ones… as much as the big ones!

Just like at home!

Feeling at home is the beginning of a successful vacation! Find the perfect accommodation among a large choice of rentals and put your bags down in peace. Do you like simplicity? Chatelaillon is full of pretty little houses with authentic charm. Enjoy the scents of your garden, start the barbecue and drink a toast on the terrace when you arrive.

Do you prefer exceptional properties? The various villas of the resort and their numerous facilities will make the whole family happy. Dad? He’s bringing up a bottle of wine from the cellar while mom is lounging in the hot tub. As for the little ones, they are already in the middle of a ping-pong tournament!

See you at the beach!

The beach is the treasure of Chatelaillon! Free, accessible and secure, it radiates throughout the resort and offers a superb playground for the whole tribe. 3 km of fine sand to run, have fun, breathe or let off steam! When the sun sets, the sky reveals new colors and the day’s activities give way to calm and complicit moments with the little ones.

Closer to you

Whoever has never forgotten the children’s snack or lost the sun cream should raise his parasol! No stress, in Chatelaillon everything is within reach. From the beach to the shops, passing by the city center, it is often only a few minutes walk or bike ride away. Practical ! We go to the villa to get the chocolate, we go to buy the index 50 and we come back quietly * to his towel to spread the little ones. The proximity is good in Chatelaillon…

*Thank you animals totems!.

Being bored is not a Châtelaillonnais trait!

If your little wolves are bored, it’s because you missed a highway ramp! With a variety of facilities for the whole family to enjoy, you’ll always find a great activity to do together in Chatelaillon. Out of inspiration? Come on, we guide you…

Châtelaillon’s fair

Chichis and cotton candy: here the children are kings!

A lively resort all year round

It’s a good idea to take some notes! Lively and vibrant, Châtelaillon multiplies the highlights throughout the year. Small pleasures or big events, there is something for the whole tribe.

Here, beach outings are real appointments, before enjoying the inevitable aperitifs at sunset. The next day, back to the beach but this time to try the water activities!

After the water, take to the air with the magnificent Kite and Wind Festival. An incredible show of international fame that will put stars in the eyes of children. The ideal destination for a family vacation in France.

A cocoon between land and sea

Yves’ marshes are a good idea for children who love nature and animals. You get on your bike and head for the natural areas along Chatelaillon… oh, a little stork and its mother in the nest! Mommy, what’s this funny bird with a little head… a real playground for the whole family.

And if that’s not enough to feed your little one’s curiosity, sign him up for a junior safari in the Yves Marsh Nature Reserve.

The whole family makes "yum"!

Are your little stomachs rumbling at lunchtime? From ham and butter to starred dishes, there are a thousand and one ways to enjoy yourself in Chatelaillon! Discover our selection of good addresses for all budgets and all desires.


To brush up on your classics: a traditional sandwich at one of our bakeries. Simple and effective!
To take to the beach: a panini at Little Hollow
To honor the oyster farmers: a nice mussels and French fries with your feet in the sand at Little Havana

For the view: a fresh salad under the big white umbrellas of the Bugatti, a stone’s throw from the ocean
For a little exoticism: head to Brazil with Claudia and Daniel C&D Brasil!
To please the kids: a large 4-cheese pizza to go at Pascal’s.
To delight the taste buds: a gourmet dinner at La Grande Terrasse, Pierre Gagnaire’s famous restaurant.


For a snack all in sweetness(s) : The unavoidable Bain des Fleurs, the sweet must of the resort

Chatelaillon : the family resort of the Atlantic coast

Whether they are little ones, little wolves, sailors or budding explorers, Chatelaillon loves children and is committed to providing them with fun, comfort and safety all year round. The ideal destination for a family vacation in France!