The International Kite and Wind Festival

See you April 16, 17 and 18, 2022

Imagine more than 800 kites in the sky châtelaillonnais during the 3 days of the Easter weekend. Small ones, XXL ones, unique and colorful creations that twirl in the sky. This is the kite festival but not only. Demonstration of kite-surfing, kite creation workshops for children, rokkaku fight, international guest from Europe and across the Atlantic, it is now an event that brings together everything that flies in the sky for the pleasure of young and old.

See you next Easter weekend on the beach of Chatelaillon to dream, marvel, get excited, admire.

A family event


“I’m always blown away by the look on the kids’ faces at all these creations”

Pierre, the organizer of the festival

« J’adore partager ma passion avec les spectateurs. Et il ne faut pas croire, Le kite surf est accessible à tout le monde »

Antonin Rangin, kite-surfeur


« Je viens tous les ans avec mes créations faites pour Châtelaillon. J’adore ce rendez-vous convivial »


An artistic flight

Open your eyes wide!

A giant manta ray that rises into the sky, a cloud of colorful jellyfish, glittering garlands in the late afternoon sun, ethnic creations, sky artists meet in the châtelaillonnais sky to fly their latest artistic creations.

Technical prowess with the man who walks or just poetry with a field of giant poppies, we take full of it.

Magical moment


Raise your eyes to the sky and admire the rise of XXL kites, walk through a field of giant poppies, meet cervolists from around the world, that’s what the Kite and Wind Festival is all about

A sporting event

If you like action and adrenaline, expect excitement!

  • Get up to speed with the espiguette wings sand yacht
  • Make like the kite-jumper, try a crazy trick pulled by a simple sail
  • Take your first rokkaku fighting lesson
  • Get your muscles out and help one of these XXL kites soar into the sky

And yes, the kite festival is not just looking up to the sky!

In green mode

Who says wind, says soft mobility, sustainable energy, so during this festival we decided to introduce you to new forms of mobility: electric bike, scooter … discover how you can move or use clean energy to move, a beautiful challenge for the years to come.

From April 16 to 18, 2022

The International Kite and Wind Festival

For the enjoyment of the whole family during the Easter weekend