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Going out in Chatelaillon : our addresses to get in the mood !

When the sun disappears behind the ocean, the mildness of the evening sets in and the resort comes alive! The music rises, the first glasses clink and we have only one desire: to go out to Châtelaillon-Plage to party! For a comfortable cocktail, oysters on the market or to dance until the end of the night, we share with you our good plans to get in the mood in the resort.

The atmosphere of the big nights

Little shirt and little panama, tonight we’re getting dressed up to go out!

Every summer, La Grande Terrasse organizes its now famous Summer Beach Party. We come with friends from all over the Charente coast to participate in this unmissable event!

On the program: electronic music, cocktail facing the horizon and select atmosphere. For one evening, a Balearic wind blows on the beach of Chatelaillon!

Another room, same atmosphere with the casino roof. With its superb view of the beach, the horizon is yours! Facing the ocean, you can enjoy the evening to the rhythm of the waves and the music. If you’re looking to go out in Chatelaillon-Plage, rooftop parties are clearly one of the must-do events of the summer!

The friendly atmosphere

In Chatelaillon, summer thursday rhymes with market aperitif ! It is here that all the gourmets meet to share delicious aperitif plates to the sound of the bandas. Cheese, oysters or charcuterie, we would like to extend the summer to be able to taste everything!

The other nights of the week, to go out in Chatelaillon, the beach is the ideal place! While the children play on the sand, we set up tablecloths and cutlery to enjoy a picnic based on local products.

A few oysters, a white wine from Charente and a piece of jonchée, it’s the perfect recipe for a convivial moment facing the sunset on the beach of Châtelaillon!

The family atmosphere

On vacation, kids get to have their parties too!

On summer evenings in Chatelaillon, little wolves are spoilt for choice. Awaken their curiosity at the Sunday night market, ride the merry-go-round at the funfair or listen to a nice show at the green park, there is always an activity to make them dream.

After this small tour with all the tribe we offer ourselves a last stroll and we return at home. We go to bed a little earlier because tomorrow we attend the sunrise on the beach!

The rhythmic atmosphere

Do you have a wild swing? Come and test it at La Petite Havane or at the Bistrot du Port, and make the temperature rise for a night! Cuban rhythms and well-dosed mojitos: a quick trip to Latin America por favor!

You’re not really the king of the dance floor? Sit on the terrace facing the ocean and enjoy a plate of tapas in a warm and festive atmosphere.


In Little Havana, I found the South American atmosphere!


Francisco, 41 years old, tourist of Colombian origin

The evening agenda