The Oyster and Mussel Festival at Les Boucholeurs, Sunday 07 August 2022

In August, it’s tradition that takes center stage with the oyster and mussel festival in the village of Boucholeurs. This former fishing village, nestled south of Châtelaillon-Plage, is the cradle of shellfish culture and likes to remember it. Oyster farmers, mussel farmers and inhabitants of the village invite you to a day of celebration that rhymes with simplicity, conviviality and greed! A popular and family festival as we like them.

The tradition of the village of Boucholeurs in the spotlight


Oysters are part of our gut, we pamper them, we love them!

Jacquo, former oyster farmer of Les Boucholeurs

It's a party for the whole family!

And don’t forget your oyster knife and rubber boots!

For young and old, the Boucholeurs festival will delight the whole family. Mom will be delighted to stroll through the local farmers’ market and choose beautiful oysters for the evening, local beers for the aperitif, a nice picture of a local artist to decorate the living room.

The children will run to the village of p’tits-bouchos with the program: games in water, chamboul’tout and other old games, pony ride and many other animations just for them.

I made my baptism in an oyster farmer’s barge. I was a bit scared because it moves a lot!

Kevin, 10 years old

My favorite part was the flashover. It’s spectacular and very good!

Madeleine, 60 years old

Must stay for the evening concert

Celtic, Breton or rock music, we sway while enjoying a beautiful sunset on the Baie des Boucholeurs, a delight.


I won the oyster opener contest this year. I’ll be back next year, bet on it!

Marianne, 35 years old

The Oyster and Mussel Festival at Boucholeurs

For the pleasure of the whole family in the heart of August.
RENDEZ-VOUS Sunday, August 1, 2021 for the greatest pleasure of young and old!

The Boucholeurs festival is our moment! We love to share our passion with the summer people who come in great numbers every year!

Willy Courprie, oyster farmer at Boucholeurs