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Châtel with the children: we test Terra Aventura!

Today, we take the sea! Launch your application, screw on the caps and discover Châtel with the children on the sea side. Objective: discover the mysteries of the Boucholeurs while having fun. At the end, a greedy treasure hunt and a poï’z who has no tongue in his pocket. Right Zéfaim?

In summary

🏰 Thematic: Water to the Mouth

🎨 Poi’z: Zéfaim

📏 Distance: 3 km

⌚️ Duration: 1h

⚔️ Difficulty: ⭐️

🗺️ Terrain: ⭐️

📍 City: Châtelaillon-Plage

Step 1

Download the application! 📥

And for that nothing could be easier. Go to the Terra Aventura website and follow the instructions. It’s up to you!

Did you know?

You can also print your route sheet directly from the website or from your local tourist office.

Step 2

Ask the locals for the recipe!

But by the way, how do you make mussel éclade?

There is no easier way, faith of butcher! Once in Châtel with the children, you will need 3 kg of shells, a large wooden board, pine needles and fire (keep away the curious little ones). The mussels are arranged in a spiral pattern, tightly packed on their edges, before being covered with needles to allow for a nicesteaming. Embers, friends, and white wine (for the big ones): the éclade is complete!

Step 3

There was a tide...

🧭 N46° 03.241′ / W001° 05.343′

Shellfish farming is quite a story! And it always begins with the tide, that daily coming and going of the sea as it moves in and out of the beach. Once it’s gone, it leaves behind a whole little world of shellfish and crustaceans that delight the children at Chatel. In a few pedal strokes, you’re on the beach to see it up close.

Pssst: Foot fishing is regulated in Chatelaillon. There are a few simple rules to follow to preserve the environment, like releasing your booty if it’s not big enough. Ask for your free ruler at the Office!

* Zefaim’s info: Shellfish farming refers to the farming of shellfish. It includes oyster farming, for oysters and mytiliculture, for mussels. Drive to the Marais d’Yves nature reserve for a view of the mussel beds and their bouchots.

Step 4

Putting on the bouchot

🧭 N46° 03.150′ / W001° 05.445′

We pass the second under a pretty spring sun, direction les Boucholeurs to discover the famous bouchots, the same ones which gave its name to the place. On the spot, impossible to miss these long rows of wooden stakes well aligned. The signature of the village!

Zéfaim’s info: The height of the bouchots prevents the crabs from eating the young mussels as an appetizer. Clever!

Once the mussels have grown, the matter is in the bag. Or rather the bags, which are laid out on metal tables at sea, before refining them in the claires. The oyster beds? These are shallow basins in which the mussels will continue to grow and take on all their flavor…



Step 5

Leave with the day's catch!

It’s not all that, but we have a mussel éclade on the stove! For an unbeatable freshness and formidable advice, we choose to take them directly at the producer.

They make a big deal of it:

Step 6

Discover the cache!