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Thalasso: the ocean takes care of you!

It is beautiful but remains accessible, knows how to be romantic and naturally takes care of your body… We are talking about the ocean of course! Here it has been a source of well-being for several centuries and has made the reputation of the resort. To enjoy all its benefits in an exceptional setting, go to the thalasso of Chatelaillon!

Spa Nuxe and thalasso in Chatelaillon: what are the differences?

Modern life can be stressful and cause us to accumulate little tensions on a daily basis. Spa Nuxe treatments, in addition to relaxing the body and mind, allow us to refocus on our emotions and sensations gently.

As for the thalasso in Chatelaillon, it focuses on physical well-being and health. Unlike the spa, which uses only fresh water, thalasso draws its many virtues from marine water. Relieving, lightening and getting back in shape is in its nature! The five senses are also called upon: dimmed lights, essential oils and relaxing music, the sensual experience is total.

A dream setting

Who says exceptional moment, says exceptional place! Facing the ocean, the Grande Terrasse and its completely renovated complex open its doors to you for a moment of pure relaxation. Let yourself be immersed in a sober and chic atmosphere where every detail contributes to an absolute let-go. Enjoy a warm welcome and state-of-the-art equipment before surrendering yourself into the hands of care professionals.

Hungry for a moment of quietude? Rest areas are at your disposal. Wooden beds, soft cushions and soft lights instantly relax the body. You prefer to bubble in the water? Discover the pool and its 50 jets that change every 15 minutes, test the swimming pool and its access to the outdoor jacuzzi or opt for the water sports activities!

The time of a day... or more!

Alone or as a couple, the Châtelaillon thalasso adapts to your rhythm and your desires. Choose a 3 or 6 day cure to fully enjoy the treatments and benefit from their effect for the next 6 months. Pack your bags at the Ibis Style hotel in a contemporary seaside atmosphere and enjoy the evening the delicious iodized dishes of the restaurant Le Pertuis.

Confidences, Jacuzzi and wringer: a girls' trip to the thalasso!

The good plan? The thalasso of Chatelaillon between girls! With my mother, my best friends or for a bachelorette party, it’s the perfect place to share little secrets. We take half a day just for us and enjoy a moment of intense relaxation. Mandatory, because the schedule is busy!

Papotage lying in the cushions of the relaxation area, confidences between the bubbles of the jacuzzi and to wake up, a passage by the ice fountain. A la Vikings! Not to mention the memorable giggles during the discovery of an unknown machine: the swimsuit wringer.

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What treatment to choose during my thalasso in Châtelaillon?

“There is no age to take care of yourself! Because all beauties deserve to be pampered, we recommend the ½ Day Relaxation. Accessible to all, it allows a first introduction to the pleasures of thalassotherapy. On the menu: access to the Well-Being Area, a 20-minute body mask and a 15-minute hydrojet. The result is firmer, moisturized skin and a pleasant feeling of lightness for the rest of the day.

Choosing your care as you go

Find the full range of treatments at your Thalasso in Chatelaillon.