Cruise to Fort Boyard: the cult trip!

It’s been two years that we have been watching it with envy from the beach of Chatelaillon… We promised it to the children, today we do it: a cruise to Fort Boyard! It did not need more to launch a general karaoke. No riddles, fierce lions or bungee jumping on the program, but a great family trip to discover this cult place.

Let's go!

The best way to organize a cruise to Fort Boyard is to go through the Tourist Office. On the spot, you can get information about the different circuits and choose between a monohull and a catamaran.

After having explained us the difference, the choice is quickly made: it will be a beautiful sailing ship for more sensations! We also opt for the guided tour, so that the small ones understand that it is not just a set of emission. It is reserved!

The magic of the fort

The whole tribe boards the cruise boat and we are off for a 2 hour cruise to Fort Boyard. Checking of the backpacks*… Everything is there! We quickly exceed the towers of the port to find ourselves in front of the ocean as far as the eye can see.

  • Sunglasses*
  • Hats and hats
  • Sunblock
  • Bottles
  • Camera
  • Pair of binoculars

It is then necessary to wait 45mn of escapade before seeing Le Fort appear. But what a pleasure!

The kids are like crazy and almost lose their caps. Mom, why can’t we go inside? Our guide explains to us that it is a classified building and that it is very difficult to access. Unless you have a helicopter!

Well, it is not the beard of the Father Fouras that we see there?

A funny story!

Jules is captivated by the guided tour. He who loves history, he is served! I learn, as he does, that the Fort was once used to protect the Charentes estuary.

The construction having taken too much time, the building was exceeded by the new modes of artillery of the time. It then became a prison, before being given to the department for a symbolic euro. A good deal!

The visit comes to an end, quickly a selfie with the children in front of this impressive stone colossus. A nice souvenir of our cruise to Fort Boyard.

Back home!

We leave with stars in our eyes, delighted by our discovery. Direction the magnificent island of Aix and its treasures of nature. It is magnificent… We shall return, promised the children!