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Sea trip in Charente Maritime : our top 3 !

Can you hear it? It’s the call of the sea! Aboard your cruising boat or your catamaran, the ocean holds out its arms to you and invites you for a nice adventure around the Charente islands. Whether you are a young sailor or an accomplished navigator, find out if you have the sea legs with our top 3 sea trips in Charente Maritime!

Boat or catamaran cruise: what is the difference?

The boots and the oilskin are ready! You’re still hesitating between cruising boat or catamaran for your sea trip in Charente Maritime?

If you’re looking for speed and thrills, you’re definitely made for the cruise ship. The movement of the waves spices up your expedition while the foam refreshes the whole crew on deck. Kids love it! Tame the swell like real sailors and set out to board Fort Boyard.

For a calmer moment in the waters of Charente, we choose the catamaran. Like Fort Boyard, the imposing hulls of your boat resist the waves and offer you a ride without waves. Take advantage of this interlude at sea to admire the landscape and share a convivial moment.

The tourist office advises you…

Where to buy your tickets for a cruise?

Go to the tourist office! You’ll save time and get clear and accurate information about the cruise of your choice.

# 1 - We all have a soft spot for Fort Boyard!

Who says trials, tigers and treasure room says Fort Boyard!

From La Rochelle or Fouras, embark with your family for a trip around this cult fortification.

Once on board the cruise boat, a one to two hour ride awaits you in the open sea to explore the surroundings of this mythical enclosure. As you get closer, the adrenaline starts to rise and you feel ready to solve all the riddles of Father Fouras and his acolytes!

Cruise to Fort Boyard

# 2- Fort Boyard catamaran version

After discovering the Fort by cruise ship, we have only one desire: to go back there! But this time by catamaran, to vary the sensations. On the program, a 4 hours excursion between the islands and the coast.

A superb sunset on the sea comes to conclude this beautiful experience. With friends or with your partner, you can take advantage of this magical moment to drink a toast. Oysters, shrimps and Pinot des Charentes, we savor the pleasure of being together with an aperitif on the water.

# 3 - Head for the islands!

Departing from the Pointe de la Smoke in Fouras, Rochefort or La Rochelle, opt for an escapade around the Charente islands. The explorers and adventurers in you will be delighted!

You have the choice between a 20 min crossing with the maritime shuttle or a 1h15 sea ride on a cruise boat. Make the pleasure last and choose the long trip. We pass Fort Enet and we dock on the island of Aix, an island with a preserved nature with its hidden beaches, its walking paths and its seafood restaurants.

We feel so well there that we would almost forget to take the last shuttle to return on the mainland!

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#4 - Live from Châtel!

Terry de Chatel by boat is waiting for you at the port of Chatelaillon for a trip in a semi-rigid boat to the island of Aix and Fort Boyard. He will meet you at the end of the pontoon to take you out to sea for a 1h15 ride with the wind in your face.

And at low tide, opt for the privatization of the boat. Terry will drop you off on the island of Aix, or on a beach for a romantic picnic… A great idea!

And if you have a romantic soul, a sunset at sea is not to be refused!

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