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My first visit to Chatelaillon!

Welcome to the most beautiful seaside resort on the coast! Here you want to do everything, see everything and taste everything… You don’t know where to start? Follow our advice for a first visit of Chatelaillon and discover our unmissable activities. Let’s go !

Enjoy the beach, the jewel of Chatelaillon

Impossible to miss, it is in the heart of the resort! Its friendly and relaxed atmosphere, its free access and its varied equipment make it the kingdom of children and the paradise of parents. Find your totem animal together, get out the hats and enjoy our 3 must-sees.

Swimming, necessarily ! We take care to consult the schedules of the tides and we swim only when the tide is high. The water is very hot, it surprises at first!

Lace the sneakers for the morning jog: the vacation sports ritual! We launch ourselves in short strides on 5 km round trip and we come back proud of ourselves and in great shape.

Packing sand pies with the kids: a fun and conspiratorial moment not to be missed on the beach.

Stroll in a Belle Epoque atmosphere

The Belle Epoque, it was this parenthesis of softness at the end of the XIXth when everything seemed simple and possible. Châtelaillon has preserved an atmosphere that gives it the air of an eternal vacation. You can stroll through its streets, stop in front of its beautiful gardens and take the time to admire its beautiful villas of character.

The charm of the resort continues outside the walls! Put on your tennis shoes and discover its natural heritage thanks to the Flâneries.

These professionally designed walks will take you from the villas of the city center to the ocean, passing by the marshes lagoon.

Playing together!

How many stars are there on the Villa Stella Maris? Why does the Villa with no name have no name? I’m sure that Zarthus is not far away! When the Poïz get involved, the discovery of Chatelaillon becomes a real adventure for the children!

Try the playful tours of Terra Aventura and pierce the many mysteries of the resort with your family… The perfect activity to visit Châtelaillon while having fun.

100% fun discovery of Châtelaillon

Discover the pearl of the coastline

The advantage of cycling is that there is never a traffic jam! And even less to go to Boucholeurs, this small village of oyster farmers. You pedal at your own pace along the coastline and soak up the landscapes marked by oyster farming, the local pride.

We saw it, now we want to taste it! Valérie from Ambiance Cabane welcomes us in her sea-facing room for an oyster tasting and explains us the birth and the growth of her iodized treasure.

It is already time to leave but we promise, we will come back tomorrow at low tide for a visit of the oyster beds in cart.

Setting sail

It’s impossible to go to Chatelaillon without playing the sea cubs! Go to the nautical club for the sea cubs where a wide range of activities adapted to their age awaits them.

Equipment and professionals at their side: we don’t joke with safety! The older children quickly adopt the paddle and its simplicity.

As for the teenagers, they did a great kite-surfing session with Antonin Rangin, sports coach and local champion. So cool!

Savor local specialties

The market is sacred! We make a pause in our visit of Chatelaillon to fill up with greedy and generous local specialities. In truth we would like to buy everything… but we have to make choices!

Rendezvous at the covered market to greet the local producers and meet the regulars. Pascal’s goat cheese, Loïc’s crickets, Sandy’s pineau or the Courprie family’s oysters: we are salivating in advance…

Without forgetting the markets on Tuesdays or Fridays mornings and their merchants coming from all over the region. Visiting Chatelaillon is also a matter of taste.

Admire the colors of a sunset

Don’t miss the beautiful lights of Chatelaillon and their permanent enchantment.

From morning to evening, the colors and shades evolve for the greatest pleasure of the observers. The blues turn to pink before taking on flamboyant tones each evening for the highlight of the show: the sunset. Romantics, this is your moment!

To make sure you don’t miss anything on your first visit, we’ve prepared a special La Rochelle to-do list:


  • Pamper yourself in the downtown boutiques
  • Salute the white sharks at the Aquarium
  • Climb up the famous towers
  • Petting the giraffe Zarafa at the Museum of Natural History
  • Awaken your senses between the market stalls