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Angoute - Châtelaillon : the happy people's walk

In the heart of the resort, the coastal path is one of the most popular circuits for vacationers. Perhaps a little too much in summer… With the arrival of the beautiful days, we opt for a nice detour: the Angoute walk! Nestled in the heights of the resort, it transports you to a wild and enchanted Châtelaillon. Follow the guide! 🧭 🌿

Raise the water!

Did you know? (please say no). The seaside town of Chatelaillon is surrounded by water! To the west, there is obviously the ocean, while the marshes and their humidity refresh the eastern part of the territory. One station, two lungs! Come on, let’s take a deep breath and find ourselves in Angoute to preturn a little height.

The circuit

Reason n°1

For the frame

🧭 N46°04.999′ / W001°05.824′

Whether hiking or biking, the Angoute walk takes you on an exploration of a lesser-known, but equally exciting side of the resort. Ride past Avenue de la Falaise, before making a stop on the butte des Boucholeurs.

There, it’s an authentic Merovingian necropolis that points the tip of its sarcophagi before you. The history of the station has not finished surprising you…

We almost arrive at the highest point of Chatelaillon: the famous hill of Angoute and its 22 meters of altitude. The Everest of the Charente-Maritime!

Psst: Want to see the little world of the marsh up close? Head to the Belvedere Park, a unique vantage point to observe nesting birds and vegetation in its most natural state. Don’t forget your binoculars so you don’t miss any of the action!

Reason n°2

For the fauna and flora

There are two teams when it comes to Angoute’s walk! Those who love it in the spring, with its shy nature ready to bloom, and those who prefer it in the fall, dressed in its warm, bright browns. What about you?

While waiting to decide, we take the opportunity to treat ourselves to a two-kilometer walk, immersed in the nature. Open your eyes wide: there are a thousand little paintings playing out around you. A swan strolling along the streams, a stork patiently building its nest or a wild otter gleaming its whiskers… The animal world is within reach of curiosity.

And if you want to play the hook, beautiful promontories await you on site.

Reason n°3

To make a big deal of it 🥗

From the river to the oven, there is only one dish! Lean over: the paths of Chatelaillon are full of unsuspected ingredients with surprising flavors.

Take the angelica flower for example. Its white pompons can be found in the wetlands of the resort as well as in Charentais cakes. Nature is definitely good!