Race in Chatelaillon: we tread the tracks between earth and marsh

Off-season but not off-piste! In autumn or summer, in the softness of early morning or in the light of the setting sun, the resort has no end of ways to get you moving. Feel like breaking out the sneakers again? Make your run to Châtelaillon with the new d’Angoute sports walk. Hop, hop hop, in short strides!

Are you super motivated 🔥

Let’s go for 10 km between sea and marshes!

📌 Start: Saint-Jean des Sables, south of the commune of Angoulins

📌 Arrival: Downtown Châtelaillon

You warm up quietly (tut tut tut, we’re watching you), a little water and you’re off for 7 km of running by the sea. Feet in the water or in the sand, we let you decide!

⛱ Step 1

Start your run in Chatelaillon on the resort’s urban beach before heading up through the dunes (calves, now). At the harbor level, take advantage of the apparatus to treat yourself to animprovised mini workout. Is it getting hot? That’s a good sign.

🌊 Step 2

Arriving at the plage des Boucholeurs, slow down the tempo with a slow walk along the pleasure port and let the relaxing surf carry you along. Walk up the avenue de l’Abbé Guichard, before taking the avenue des Boucholeurs. Greet an oyster farmer and branch off to the heights of the colline d’Angoute. You’ve earned one of the most beautiful views in Chatelaillon! Catch your breath and enjoy the 360° panorama.

🌿 Step 3

Follow the meandering path of this100% natural area and extend your walk to the rhythm of the swans strolling through the marshes. Once back on the Boulevard Clémenceau, head back to the downtown for a well-deserved break…


La Rochelle Marathon

30th edition 🎽

Curious or passionate, solo or in a team, come and get your shirt wet for the 30th anniversary of this unmissable Rochelle event. On the agenda: sweat, good humor and pride in having participated! Many prizes are to be won.

Date: Sunday, November 28, 2021

Location: Quays of La Rochelle

Are you in cool mode? 🧊

That’s good too! Opt for small loops of 2 to 5 km and enjoy your run in Chatelaillon at your own pace.

Loop #1

🚩 Head to the Boucholeurs’ Walk in short strides and follow the beautiful, wide boardwalk along the sea. Look up, the different islands are within reach!

🚩 Arriving at the carrelets d’Yves, turn around to return to the heart of the village and refresh yourself in the shade of a guinguette.

Loop #2

Another loop, another atmosphere!

🚩 Start at the carpool parking lot at the entrance to town.

🚩 Branch off to the left and walk along the marshes that border the eastern side of the city. In the heart of a nature that awakens or wrapped in the thousand colors of autumn, the effort quickly gives way to pleasure… We almost want more!

🚩 Arrived at Yves, make a last cuckoo to the horses and sheep before joining your vacation rental.

The Tourist Office informs you

This race of Chatelaillon is not really adapted for bikes… On the other hand, we have plenty of 100% bicycle routes to propose to you! 🗺️📚