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We tested the yoga paddle with friends in Chatelaillon

With the arrival of the beautiful days, we wanted to test something different in Chatelaillon! Intrigued by the big pink surfboards, we decide to test a first course of yoga paddle. Namaste!

Tame your paddle board

Let’s go for 90 minutes of good humor! On the program: splashing, laughing and finding your own balance!

Already adept of the paddle, we try the yoga paddle, a discipline which comes to us straight from California! Before jumping into the water, we listen carefully to Marine’s advices in order to stay well balanced without falling off the board!

Reconnecting with nature

The benefits of yoga and the sea

Yoga paddle is a really good idea to combine sport and nature in Chatelaillon-Plage!

The pond of the rosière on which the course takes place has the advantage of being located near the sea. One takes advantage of it to breathe well thoroughly the sea air and to relax in the middle of the reeds… By tending the ear, we even hear the noise of the waves and the song of the birds…