Adult catamaran and sailing course: our nautical activities for parents

At Chatelaillon adults too can hoist the sails. Nothing could be easier thanks to the various adult catamaran, sailing and paddle courses that the resort offers them. Cool and sporty activities, ideal to fill up with sensations in summer. Are you looking for yours? Let’s go !

Adult catamaran course

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, the catamaran course for adults is an experience to try in Chatelaillon! You will be supervised for 3 to 5 days by qualified instructors from the Nautical Center who will help you discover new sensations at sea. Without forgetting to admire the beauty of the surrounding islands and the bay of Chatelaillon from your boat. A must for the summer!

Jet Ski Rental

It’s one of the resort’s most “wow” water activities: jet skiing! Ride the ocean and explore the Charente coastline in total freedom with Locajet’s vehicle rentals in Chatelaillon. A sea permit will be required if you are alone, otherwise it’s on the passenger side! What if you shared the adrenaline with your other half?

Towed buoy

While the grown-ups are enjoying a catamaran course for adults, the young sea wolves are getting their fill of sensations with a towed buoy session. Lying down on their inflatable banana, they hold on to the water while their boat zig-zags! For more information, contact Chatel Kite School.


In Chatelaillon, we are lucky to have a champion! It’s Antonin Rangin, sports coach and kitesurfing enthusiast who now has his own school, the Chatel Kite School. Take the opportunity to learn this fun and physical discipline. Even adults sometimes need to take lessons!

Wing foil

What is a wing foil? It’s like wind-surfing, but with the addition of an aerodynamic fin (the foil) under the board to keep it elevated. Perched above the surface of the water, you will feel like you are flying… while surfing! Not bad, right?

Stand-up paddle

Are you a balanced adult? You’ll soon find out with the stand-up paddle! A board on the sea, you on the board and a paddle in your hand, you are off to discover the coastline of châtelaillonnais. A few falls are to be expected but with a little patience you will soon be the king of the paddle! If you prefer sensations, try your luck with the catamaran courses for adults.

March of the Emperor

Organized by the Aquatic Center, the Walk of the Emperors is a challenge worth all the gym sessions. The objective is simple: put on your wetsuit and progress for 45 minutes in the sea water. Immersed up to the waist, the body deploys new capacities and works out three times faster than with a classic jog. Endurance, muscle building and blood circulation, your body says thank you!

Aquatic Center

The warm atmosphere of the resort can be found even in its pool! 29°, that’s the temperature that awaits you all year long at the Aquatic Center of Chatelaillon. Summer and winter alike! From the “wahou” of the giant slides to the “splash” of the dives, throw yourself into the water and enjoy a moment of pleasure and complicity with your family.