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Aquatic Center : the swimming pool of Chatelaillon !

Damn, the tide is low this morning… The whole tribe wanted to take a dip with this beautiful sun! What if we tried the Aquatic Center? The tourist office informs us that there are slides, full of games and even a wellness area for the adults. Top! We take our bathing suits, our towels and we go to enjoy the swimming pool of Chatelaillon.

Activities for the whole family

In a few minutes, everyone finds his happiness at the Aquatic Center. Have fun, relax or work out, you can do it all in one day at the Chatelaillon pool. Or even do nothing and just lounge by the water… A bit like me!

Mom relaxes, dad spends time!

After my sunbathing, I offer myself a Zen interlude in the wellness area of the Aquatic Center. The little wolves splash around with Daddy, and I can enjoy the sauna and hammam in complete serenity. The effects are not long in coming! Enveloped in a gentle heat, the whole body gradually relaxes.

I finish with a nice discovery: the polysensorial shower! Thanks to the play of lights, colors and sounds, the shower becomes a real moment of escape. Tropical atmosphere or Breton drizzle, the senses travel…

If mom relaxes, dad spends time! We find him at the aquabike course, coached by Stéphane. For a first time, we can say that he pedals! The aches and pains will be there tomorrow.

Food truck: the real taste of vacation!

Swimming pool, hammam or aquabike: it’s midday and everyone is hungry!

We settle down quietly on one of the picnic tables in the shade and we go to look for what to treat ourselves at the food truck. It is in the enclosure of the Aquatic Center, even not need to leave!

Today, it will be hot-dogs for everybody. We couldn’t please the children more. All the tribe finishes this swimming pool exit with in Chatelaillon by a well deserved nap under the pines.