Nautical club of Chatelaillon and aquatic center: attention, fresh activities!

Staying cool is a state of mind in Chatelaillon! And what better way to do that than with activities at sea? Once in the water the little sailors have fun, the teenage sailors get their fill of sensations and the parents relax. At the Aquatic Center or at the Nautical Club of Chatelaillon, discover our many fresh experiences. Zero pressure, only fun!”

For the children: we immerse ourselves gently

Chatelaillon is the ideal setting for the first steps in the water for the little ones. On the beach pool, you can discover the pleasures of water at your own pace and gradually gain confidence, always supervised by caring and professional staff. Little swimmer will become big!

From 4 years old, you can start with the “moussaillon” course proposed by the Nautical Club of Chatelaillon. Meet on the pond behind the Thalasso center to discover the optimist in complete safety! Have fun and discover new sensations in a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

From 6 years old, you can dive into the deep end with an optimist or catamaran course in the open sea. Wow, it’s so cool!

And for those who don’t want to get wet, we stay on the bank with a radio-controlled sailing course. It’s safe and you’ll quickly get used to the game…

For teenagers: we fill up with adrenaline

Are your teenagers looking for a maximum of thrills? We have what they need! After the Nautical Club of Châtelaillon, head to the Chatel Kite School to reserve them a nice session of towed buoy. Beware, it’s moving!

We laugh, we hang on as we can and we often end up in the water. Only happiness under the summer sun. Do you know kite-surfing? Discover this discipline between sky and sea with the champion made in Chatelaillon Antonin Rangin. The class!

Parents know that if your teenagers are over 14 years old, they want to go out on the water.

Give them a reason with a windsurfing course or sign them up for the catamaran raids every Sunday in July and August.

For parents: take a breath and take the time

Not only children can enjoy the ocean! Thanks to the Nautical Club of Chatelaillon, parents can breathe, relax and discover new refreshing activities. Are you interested?

We share our best ideas:


  • Admire the châtelaillonnaise bay
  • Rent a nice catamaran to explore the islands around the resort
  • Find outdoor balance with a stand up paddle course
  • Find inner balance with a yoga paddle session with Marine on Etang de la Rosière
  • Participate in the emperors’ walk with the Aquatic Center: fun and invigorating!