©Gregory Cassiau

Protecting nature: the 8 little rules 🌱

Taking care of plants and animals, that’s not dumb! Are you strong as a lion? Be careful of the little things around you, the landscapes of Chatelaillon are very fragile. Are you smart as a monkey? Take the time to read our 8 rules for protecting nature, and share them with your friends. And if you’re still a chick, Dad will explain them to you! 🐤

Before we begin...

Why are the marshes of Chatelaillon so important?

The marshes are very rich to begin with! There are lots of plants, flowers and different animals. All together, they form an ecosystem. That just means they help each other to live and they don’t need you or me to be okay.

Second, marshes are very useful. When it rains a lot (often in winter), they form a big sponge that sucks up excess water and protects the land around it. Conversely, when it doesn’t rain enough, the marshes release the water they have well kept. Clever!

Wetlands are finally fragile. That’s why their nature must be protected. No driving in them in a car or making noise. Doesn’t anyone come bother you in your room? It’s the same for the swamps 😉

Rule N°1

I don’t pick wildflowers to give to grown-ups.

If I want to make mom a pretty bouquet,
I’ll ask one of Chatelaillon’s florists! 💐

Rule N°2

I don’t touch the small animals or their habitat and I don’t disturb the frogs 🐸 in the ponds. They are important because they eat the larvae that pollute the water. Yum!

If I want to play in the water like a baby elephant, direct me to the Aquatic Center! 🐘

Rule N°3

I keep my candy paper in my pocket. I’ll throw it away at home! Protecting nature is all about simple everyday actions.

Rule N°4

I don’t make noise when I watch the cygns 🦢 and their young, because they are fearful. I borrow mom’s binoculars instead.

If I feel like going “wow” like a little wolf, I’ll enroll in Chatel Kite School! 🐺

The marshes are places with a fragile balance. We must be very respectful of the fauna and flora that surround us!

Jean-Paul, Responsible for the nature reserve of the Marais d'Yves 🌾

Rule N°5

I don’t go crazy running after my sister and I stay wise to my parents. The little critters 🦔 in the swamps get scared very quickly.

Rule N°6

I take the marked paths and don’t trample the pretty flowers.

If I want to jump around like a kangaroo, I spend the afternoon at Jump’In Park! 🦘

Rule N°7

My dog 🐶 is not part of that environment. I always pack a canicrotte bag if I take her on a walk.

Rule N°8

I definitely don’t pick up baby birds 🐣 that have fallen out of their nest. Their mom might look for them and worry.

If like a monkey I’m smart, I’ll do the Terra Aventura des Angoulins course! 🐵