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Discovering the seaside birds in Charente-Maritime

In Châtelaillon, pretty moments are a bit like feathers: soft, light and colorful! Yes, but from which bird? Dizzy linnet or sharp hawk? To find out, we treat ourselves to a birding session to discover the seaside birds in Charente-Maritime. A parenthesis full of poetry to share with the little ones 🐤

Hotel California 🧳

Did you know? Migratory birds are also entitled to their spring break! And like every year, it will be the Charente-Maritime for many of them. At the same time, we understand them… Superb landscapes, a rich and protected nature and a soft climate: we too make our nest!

W hoopoe, redstart or linnet: to observe these little winged tourists, we take the road to the marsh and its preserved setting. Open your eyes! With a good pair of binoculars and a little patience you will eventually see them in action. Peeping in the trees or looking for a bay to gobble, it all depends on the time of day.

XX Wing 🐦

From the plump roitelet to the minute stilt, seaside birds in Charente-Maritime come in all styles. In the large category, there are the storks and herons ashy, but also the majestic swan. On land, the latter can reach up to 1.20 meters in height!

As you walk through the marshes surrounding Châtelaillon, you may see nests installed high up. They are used for the reproduction of storks in the beautiful days. If you look up, you may see a little head calling for its food…

The news from the nest: The stork’s young is called the stork. Too cute!

Swan Lake

While some have come to find love or to chill in the marshes, the white swans have come to join their cousins. There are more than 50 of them to have settled here to start their little family. Nothing wrong, then, if you ever give way to atribe of swans on a country road. Unless they fly through the sky over your head!

It's high for them! 🦅

They are big, they are beautiful and they are hungry! If you come across kestrels, sparrowhawks, buzzards or harriers, they are probably hunting, on the lookout for their next prey. The specialty of these rapaces? The hover, which allows them to immobilize their heads, and thus better spot their future snack on the ground.

Your Tourist Office advises you…

Want to see all this little world up close? Go to the office to book your walk in the marshes. An hour with the birds of the Bay is pretty neat 🦉

Psst… You can also discover them at low tide. It happens all summer long at Les Boucholeurs. Bring the pitchouns with you!

Discover the birds of Yves Bay

Sea side 🕊️

The coastal digs too! Just ask the gulls laughing, gulls and other sanderlings that noisily patrol the foreshore. Their meal will be quickly decided, since they are omnivorous. Everything is good in Chatelaillon!