Immerse yourself in the nature of Châtelaillon: a child's play!

The vacations are the perfect time to pass on a taste for nature to children. Exploring, learning and understanding, the curious little ones are just waiting for that! From the foreshore to the Yves marshes, Chatelaillon offers many activities to discover the world around them while having fun. Put on your backpacks, get on your bikes and go with your family to discover a wilderness resort.

Châtelaillon, a resort that breathes

No need to look for nature in Chatelaillon: it is everywhere! Accessible all year round, it breathes life into the resort and brings the whole tribe together for beautiful escapades. On foot or by bike, we love this feeling of freedom, simple and refreshing.

From east to west, the landscapes change and reveal new playgrounds. Explore the foreshore and its teeming world when the sea recedes before admiring the preserved fauna and flora of the Yves marshes.

Not so fast, the children have lots of questions! This is an opportunity to create beautiful memories together and to share beautiful moments of complicity.

And to be able to answer some of their questions on the spot, come and discover the birds that live in the area.

The birding session is here

Fishing on foot, a family history!

Papi and I love to go fishing together. I looked at the schedules of the tides, we can go there now! I put my boots and my jacket and I don’t forget my ruler to measure everything I catch. If it is too small, I do not take it!

On the foreshore, Grandpa tells me that it brings back memories. He teaches me how to catch shrimps and how to flush out the little crabs that run away. Nice, the clams and the cockles are the right size, we can bring them back!

Son the way back, we say hello to an oyster farmer who leaves to work on his tractor.

Better understand nature with the Yves Marshes Nature Reserve

The nature reserve: what is it?
how to visit it?


This is an opportunity to take back the time to see nature grow and to make children aware of the interest of preserving it.


My favorite moment? It’s when the sun sets on the Reserve, there is like magic in the air, we are in total harmony with nature

Isabelle, Guide of the natural reserve of Chatelaillon

Idea of the day: a 100% nature picnic

For a natural and greedy moment in family, we take the bikes and the powder of escapade! Head for the small villages surrounding Châtelaillon and their countryside. Once the tablecloth is laid, we go to the table in a rural setting full of charm.

Around us, bees are buzzing and the wind is rustling through the leaves. Look, what’s that funny bird in the field? It looks like a hoopoe with a hood on its head! And this flower? I saw one at the Yves marshes, it is a wild orchid. From the parents to the kids, we don’t know which one will have learned the most today!

A fauna and flora to be preserved