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The treasures of the low tide in Chatelaillon

Whether they are high or low, the tides of Chatelaillon give rhythm to its daily life. If the open sea offers great activities, it also leaves many treasures when it recedes! Go on an adventure and discover a new exciting playground. One thing is sure, you won’t be bored!

The secrets of the tide

Discover the power of the moon!


We see it every day in Chatelaillon-Plage, the tide rises and falls. Strange phenomenon!

Did you know it ? The ocean undergoes daily two opposite forces. On its side, the Moon uses its super power to attract the sea like a magnet. On the other hand, the Earth uses its centrifugal force to push the Moon away. Pushed on one side, pulled on the other, the waters of the planet adopt a perpetual movement of coming and going. This is the birth of the tide.

The sequence of a high tide and a low tide is called cycle. In Chatelaillon, the ocean has two cycles per day.

Shall we take a swim?

Swimming is sacred! To take a dip, we watch the low tide: 2 hours before and 2 hours after, the way is clear. “Psst, do you want a tip from a Chatelaillonnais? When the water rises, it warms up in contact with the alluvium. This is due to the position of the station at the end of the estuary. Take advantage of it!”

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Activities to do at low tide in Chatelaillon

Explore the foreshore with foot fishing


Crabs, crabs, shrimps, razor clams or even clams, all are within reach of the landing net at low tide. The fauna and flora of the foreshore remains nevertheless fragile. The inhabitants of this ecosystem form a precious balance that it is essential to respect and preserve. For that, 3 simple rules :

Discover family activities around the foreshore

The sea is low?

Get on your bike to discover the surrounding nature.

Follow the guide!

For those who want to take it easy


At low tide in Chatelaillon, you can also take a dip! Direction the Aquatic Center for a 100% fun day for the whole family. The little ones splash around in the indoor pools and the water games too nice and the older ones go down the giant slides! As for mom and dad… shhh! they are on their little cloud in the wellness area.

You prefer the atmosphere of the beach? Lift the sails with a special optimist course at the Centre Nautique. Let your sailors hoist high and take a moment to try the yogga paddle. It’s all about balance!

For those who want to fall back into childhood


Memories come flooding back with the low tide! Impossible to resist the fair and its colorful attractions. They remind us of magical moments that we want to relive with our family. Ferris wheel or bumper cars? It doesn’t matter as long as you have some bubblegum!

Pancake or ice cream ? For the snack you have the choice between a delicious crepe break at the Bains des Fleurs. You can sit on the sand and taste with the accessories lent by the creperie. Otherwise, you can go to the Dunes to fill up with “hmmm” with home made ice creams.

Our special kids selection

For a gentle vacation(s)

For galloping addicts


Support your favorite jockey at Chatelaillon Racetrack while your kids have a safe and fun time. Pedal sulkies, trampolines, orienteering races, wooden games and pony rides, everything is organized for the whole family to have a great day!