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Small pleasures at the end of the day in Chatelaillon

The end of the day means new activities in Chatelaillon! Instead of going back home with our two little ones, we enjoy with them a moment of complicity on the sand. On the program of this beginning of evening in family: sand castles, greedy picnic the feet in the water and superb sunset on the beach. A show they have been looking forward to since the morning!

The beach belongs to us!

But for now, the children are already getting out shovels and buckets. Priority to the sand castles! I take the opportunity to quietly finish the last pages of my novel while Raphaël helps the little ones build their kingdom.

The whole tribe loves to linger on the beach of Chatelaillon at the end of the day. It’s a bit of a ritual for us. Here, the joyful and friendly atmosphere of the afternoon often gives way to a calmer atmosphere that brings the family closer together.

Picnic like a châtelaillonnais

A basket filled with local flavors, a beautiful sky and the freshness of the ocean: the dream! I take out the sliced melon, the olives, the oysters and the Pineau that Raphaël and I love. The aperitif with the feet in the sand is an unavoidable appointment of the châtelaillonnais. When 7 pm comes, many are those who put their tablecloth facing the ocean until the sunset on the beach. We have a drink with our neighbors and we taste the sandwiches with crickets prepared in the morning. The “too good!” of Benjamin and Lola do not deceive, the products of the market give to our picnic an incredible taste.

Contemplating a sunset on the beach

The light fades on the waterfront and the sky turns from pink to orange. The family day ends on a high note as the sun slowly fades behind the horizon.

Even Lola, usually so talkative, does not say a word, fascinated by the show. The night finally falls on Chatelaillon. A last detour by the straw hut of the Little Havana to refresh and everyone goes back home, happy to have shared this end of day.

Our selection to see the sunset in Châtelaillon