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A family day at the beach of Chatelaillon

Châtelaillon seaside resort is a great place for family holidays! This seaside resort has a slowed-down pace and a simplicity that we love, yet it’s only a stone’s throw from La Rochelle. On the agenda for today… spending time with the children on the beach, having fun and doing nothing. It’s going to be a busy beach day !

9.30 am: Each to their Own Beach Day

After a delicious family breakfast, we jumped on our bikes and headed for the beach a few minutes away. No-one moaned “are we there yet”, the beach was only a few pedal strokes away !

11:00 am : The Taste of Holidays

After each doing our favourite activities, the whole tribe met up for a stroll through the colourful market.

It’s our gourmet ritual at Châtelaillon-Plage ! We awaken the children’s curiosity, we fill the baskets with fresh products and we meet the local producers. If Louise learns with Vincent how to choose a melon, the boys have quickly spotted the oyster stand! We choose together the menu of the barbecue of noon before returning for the lunch.

12:30: Time to Eat!

Once back home, we put on our aprons while the kids played outside in the garden sun. The smell of grilled meat wafted in from the barbecue. I made a tasty salad with fruit from this morning’s market. In Châtelaillon, all these little pleasures add up to a lot of happiness!

While eating, we talked about our morning and tried to remember the children’s new friends’ names. Louise took a nap after lunch while we tried to beat the boys (for once) at board games.

3.30 pm: Pancakes, Sandcastles and Beach Bars!

Under a blue afternoon sky, we strolled through the pretty streets of Châtelaillon.

My favourite bit was when Mum let us play alone in the shallow water, like adults!

Gabriel, 6 years old

The End of Day

The sun was setting over the ocean while Vincent laid out a tablecloth on the sand. We had a picnic on the beach every holiday evening. Naturally, the children didn’t complain !

To end our day on the beach, we treated ourselves to a last drink at one of the beach bars before returning to our holiday home completely relaxed.