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Bike ride in La Rochelle : a 100% girls' ride !

Today we play the rebel and opt for a bike ride in La Rochelle. The car will wait! It is Fred of the Hotel Orbigny who blew us the idea this morning. Nothing better to stroll under the sun and to remake the world between girls. The hotel even provides us with bicycles, so nice. Straw hats, sunglasses and sneakers: we left!

Outward journey: Fort Boyard, Vinegar and "carrelets

Objective : Chatelaillon – La Rochelle in 1 hour! For sportsmen like us it should be largely feasible. And between the latest gossip, laughter and beautiful landscapes Charente, we will not see the 14 km pass. We check the water and the snacks and we set off since the promenade of the sea. Direction Saint-Jean des Sables!

From the beach, the pretty tourist spots multiply on our passage! We share with you our favorites of our bike ride in La Rochelle:

1 – The magnificent panorama of Fort Saint-Jean on the beach of Châtelaillon
Look girls, you can see the Fort Boyard! (This is where the karaoke starts… Sorry for the ears!)

2 – The lock house of Saint-Jean des Sables
We put down the bicycles and we take advantage a little of the freshness of the channel. The timing is perfect, the low tide reserves us a beautiful sight on the foreshore. *


*Don’t you know what the foreshore is?

3 – The break at the belvedere known as La Chaume.
A pergola and benches: the last seat loses its place! One tightens to pass together and one takes time to admire in the distance the Islands and the Fort Enet.

4 – The peaceful port of Loiron in Angoulins
On the advice of other cyclists, we cross the lovely cove of Loiron and its pretty fishermen’s huts high in color. The puns do not delay when we learn the former name of the port: Vinegar!

5 – The carrelets of Pointe de la Belette
A novelty of more us! We discover together the carrelets, these square fishing nets stretched by houses on stilts. Typical installations of the region.

6 – The view La Rochelle from the Pointe de la Barbette
Our bike ride in La Rochelle is coming to an end. From our promontory, the rebel city is revealed in a magnificent panorama that extends to the beach of Aytré. Still some strokes of pedals and we are there!

We also learn that our escapade until Aytré corresponds to the first Terra Aventura Vélo of Charente-Maritime. It is the children who will be happy!

11:00 a.m.: The taste of vacation

Arrived at Aytré, we go in direction of Minimes and their famous Phare du Bout du Monde. We have made only 14 km, it is a little the impression that we have! We remain green until the end by choosing the electro-solar boat which leads us quickly to the old port of La Rochelle.

La Rochelle loves two-wheelers and you can feel it! We easily park our bikes in one of the bike parks that line the train station.

After the effort, the lunch on the port. We take out the sunglasses, we toast between girlfriends and we enjoy our break on the terrace like real rochelaises. A last coffee and here we are already under the arcades, ready for an inevitable shopping session in the city center.

The girls’ bike ride to La Rochelle? Good humor, cult moments and beautiful memories.

Juliette, 34 years old

On the way back: application, sunset and pool

End of the day, we all start to stall. Shall we go back? Fred advised us to go up in the train with our bikes. We download in some seconds the application Ter local, we buy our tickets online and we are comfortably installed for the return.

The train goes along the sea and we find the magnificent spectacle of the outward journey, with the lights of the evening this time. What a day! We join our hotel to two steps of the station before offering us a last dive in the blue of the swimming pool.