Bike ride from Châtelaillon : on the Poï'z trail

The weather is good, the sky is blue… How about going out for a while? The tribe decided to go for a nice bike ride from Châtelaillon to the doors of Angoulins. But by the sea this time, just to keep the little group cool. And for that we can trust Ziclou, the polka dot jersey of Terra Aventura!

In summary

💦 Thematic: By the Water

🚲 Poi’z Guide : Ziclou the cyclist

📏 Distance: 14 km

⌚️ Duration : 3h +

⚔️ Difficulty: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

🗺️ Terrain: ⭐️ ⭐️

📍 Cities: Châtelaillon-Plage / Angoulins-sur-Mer

Step 1

Download the application! 📥

And for that nothing could be easier. Go to the Terra Aventura website and follow the instructions. It’s up to you!

Did you know?

You can also print your route sheet directly from the website or from your local tourist office.

Step 2

Choose your bike!

Nothing like a professional to guide you in your choice! Rent the bike of your dreams and equip yourself like a chef for your bike ride from Chatelaillon thanks to our experts.

They know all about it:

Step 3

Be careful!

Tips for kids and adults alike!

✔️ Charging your smartphone before you leave

✔️ Turn on the sound so you don’t miss any changes in direction

✔️ Be well equipped (helmet mandatory for children)

✔️ Ride on the right side of the lane, single file

✔️ Respect the signs

✔️ Be careful when stopping to answer the riddles

❌ Do not ride with phone in hand (attach it to the handlebars)

Step 4

Starting point : the train station of Châtelaillon

🧭 N46° 04.698′ / W001° 05.472′

Railway and sea bathing: same popular success at the end of the 19th century! It was thanks to the Compagnie des Charentes that Chatelaillon became the first seaside resort in the department to receive holidaymakers on its quays. It was 1897 and the Rochefort-La Rochelle line was officially born.

Châtelaillon, formerly a landscape of dunes, welcomed more than 70,000 bathers and became the favorite spot for the local bourgeoisie.

Before getting off, make sure you don’t forget anything on board!

Step 5

Panorama on the islands and Fort Boyard

🧭 N46°04.983′ / W001°05.806′

Your bike ride from Chatelaillon continues along the coastline with a breathtaking view of the tip of Fouras, the island of Aix, the island of Oléron and the island of Ré! Get out the binoculars: you can see the silhouette of the famous Fort Boyard. Wait, isn’t that Passe-Partout over there?

Good to know: Fort Boyard has not always been the cult place that challenges adventurers. It was once used to protect the harbor and defend the Rochefort Arsenal.

Snack break for everyone! We untie our helmets to get some strength with the delicious caramels with fleur de sel from the Ile de Ré. A 100% local treat.

Step 5

The port of Loiron

🧭 N46° 06.131′ / W001° 07.384′

Step 7

La Pointe de la Belette

🧭 N46° 06.290′ / W001° 08.371

A detour not to be missed to discover the “carrelets” of the Charente coastline. The carrelets ? These are high fishing huts equipped with a large net which are placed above the foreshore. You can catch bass, sole and eels in their meshes. Your bike ride from Chatelaillon will never cease to amaze you…

Step 8

Saint Peter's Church

🧭 N46°06.292′ / W001°06.592

After passing through the marshes, your Terra Aventura escapade will take you to the foot of the Saint-Pierre d’Angoulins Church, whose oldest parts date from the 11th and 12th centuries. Romanesque windows, fortified chevet and machicolations: keep your eyes open for your next clue!

Step 10

La Rochelle

🧭 N46°05.686′ / W001°06.024′

You have arrived in the heart of the beautiful rebel city. You have well deserved a collective sweetness on one of the terraces of the Old Port! You park your horse for free, you take a look at your application and you enjoy together the end of your bike ride from Châtelaillon.


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