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Our 6 good reasons to choose cycling in Chatelaillon-Plage !

Forget the car! All you need is a saddle and some handlebars to explore the resort. Whether you’re a yellow jersey rider or the tail red lantern, whether you ride against the clock or for pleasure, the resort has a cycle track for everyone. Get out your bike in Châtelaillon-Plage and ride like the wind!

Get a Breath of Fresh Air (7 km)

Can you feel it? The salty sea air in your lungs as you pedal along the Châtelaillon coast at your own pace. Breathe deeply and enjoy a 7km ride from Saint-Jean des Sables to the village of Boucholeurs, from the urban beach to the open countryside, through landscape that is always changing!

You can turn around wherever and whenever you want. Or, if you’ve got energy to spare, you can make this circuit your morning routine. It takes you past the exercise area (near the sailing club) where you can stop and work out. You’ll start the day in great shape!

By the time you get to Les Boucholeurs, you’ll have earned a little break! Let yourself be tempted into tasting fresh oysters at an oyster cabin. Treat yourself, oysters are an excellent source of protein!

Ride in a team (12 km)

There’s a very pleasant cycling track between Châtelaillon-Plage and Aytré. Download the ‘Terra Aventura’ application, and go poi’z hunting. You can even form online groups and exchange stories while pedalling. Remember to fill your water bottle and wear a helmet.

Explore the many coastline sights along the way:

1. Châtelaillon railway station and its fascinating history
2. A superb view of the beach from the Saint-Jean Fort
3. The lock-keeper’s house at Saint-Jean des Sables
4. The view from the Chaume and Manon lookouts
5. The charming Port of Loiron
6. The high-perched, net-fishing huts (‘carrelets’) at Pointe de la Belette
7. La Rochelle from the Pointe de la Barbette
8. The Etier footbridge leads to an oyster-farming area

9. A place called ‘La Colonelle’ and its legendary beast
10. The feathered inhabitants of the ‘station de lagunage’ nature reserve
11. The secrets of the Saint-Pierre d’Angoulins church
12. The sculptures in the Place des Vaux Verts

On the road to adventure

Break out of the Peloton

For those who prefer to break out of the peloton, there are various cycling trips around Châtelaillon-Plage. For example, you can find some out-of-town calm and a complete change of environment cycling in the Yves Marshlands which are just a few kilometres from the resort. With 250 species of birds and more than 570 species of flowering plants, this natural reserve is a good place to use your reserve energy.

A change of scenery and pace is guaranteed!

A few more pedal strokes and you’ll be back on the seaside track between Châtelaillon and La Rochelle to finish this refreshing loop ride.

Distance Riding (30 km +)

The ‘Châtel à Vélo’ Association consists of a group of friends who are passionate about everything on two wheels. Everyone knows them here! You can take part in a long group ride with them to destinations around the resort. Their trips often exceed 30 km, so get your calf muscles in shape! And who knows, you might even get the chance to meet Michel on his unusual recumbent bike. This two-wheel enthusiast has a personal best of 17340 km in one year. 17340 is also the postal code of Châtelaillon!

The Vélodyssée - Going the Distance

The Vélodyssée lives up to its name! This epic cycling track, for beginners and veterans alike, is made up of over 1200 km of cycle routes and green tracks. You can cycle the Vélodyssée, one leg at a time and organise accommodation by using the ‘Accueil Vélo’ quality label which ensures that your accommodation offers specific services to bike travellers and is within 5 km of the Vélodyssée. What are you waiting for?